festival cavalcade - best viewing point?

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gingerwench Fri 30-Jul-10 16:52:15

Hi despite living in Edinburgh for 4 yrs and doing various festival stuff have never seen the Cavalcade. It is on next Saturday at Holyrood Park. I have a 2yr old DS - where is best vantage point to keep us entertained? Normally he naps after lunch so we may not get there until the procession itself - do you have to be there ages in advance to get to a good position to see things? or will he just see lots of legs?

gingerwench Sun 01-Aug-10 10:20:40

I meant Sunday of course!

Bellebelle Thu 05-Aug-10 09:50:44

I didn't go last year but DH took both DD's with little one in her buggy. He said that people were quite well spaced out along the route and that they stood up on one if the raised paths on Arthurs Seat (opposite holyrood park) and that they got a great view. Think this is only 2nd yr at Holyrood (?) so might be busier this year.

gingerwench Thu 05-Aug-10 20:43:08

Thanks Bellebelle

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