Home schooling for a 12 year old unhappy at secondary school

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petal88888888 Wed 24-Apr-13 10:43:02

My daughter is 12 and has been in Year 7 since last September. She is a gifted child in Music and is finding it hard to fit into the secondary environment. She has had bullying problems and teachers that are unsympathetic. We have got to the point that she became so upset at the thought of going to school that she burst into tears every morning. We have had her at home for the lady few days and are considering home schooling. Does anyone know of online tutoring that they have used and does it work?

EmilyButtonsMum Wed 24-Apr-13 20:19:40

Hi Petal,

Here is a link to a local home schooling group:


Although the blog has stopped, the group is ongoing and contact details are the same.

Also, from memory, i think that the school are still expected to provide work to do at home whilst your daughter is still registered at the school which could give you some time to sort out what you are going to do.

I have been through all of this and am out the other side so feel free to PM me if you feel i could help smile

Good Luck.

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