Adoption.... almost, local groups, clubs, nursery etc

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4kidsandrising Fri 25-Jan-13 10:15:44

Contact your local Surestart centre - they run local Dad's meet-ups once a month on Saturdays. A lot of the parent-and-baby groups have Dads going to them now, so it's worth seeing what's near you for that.
I find the Family Grapevine magazine really useful - I think you can pick them up at the library, and the Kids Fun File is useful, but maybe more so for school age kids.
Depending on the age of the child you're adopting I would contact either the Health Visitor or your school may have a Family Support Adviser, who will know of all the local services available for parents. Good Luck! Being a SAHP can be tough, and lonely, but there's plenty around Eastbourne to help with that! smile

CarlandsamEastbourne Tue 18-Dec-12 13:18:56

Hello all
New here so forgive any etiquette boo-boos
My wife and I have been in Eastbourne a couple of years now, both have been working full time until now, we are going through the adoption process, interesting and challenging and hoping we get a result at the end.

My wife works full time and I have given up my contract work to be a stay at home dad, I have 2 older children, well 19 and 23, well hardly children :-)
I’d be interested in chatting to anyone especially dads in a similar position, (or not), meet for coffee, park, beach, playgroup, and nursery, whatever to chat and share experiences.

Also if any local playgroups, nannies, groups, clubs really anything or anyone thinks they could offer some advice, we would be grateful, don’t be shy,
Get in touch…………

Good luck to all you full time mums dads… I remember from last time it was fun but at times challenging ( from pulling hair out to loving the little cherubs )

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