31st March - meet-up?

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Mamathulu Tue 05-Apr-11 09:13:56

Sorry - had a mad weekend with DS going off to Twickenham for rugby on Sat and DD had a concert on Sunday, so only just recovering today!
Yes, this week's fine - can do weds, thurs or fri, any time between 9 and 2.45? If the weather's rubbish, maybe somewhere else might be better? How about the cafe opposite the library? I don't know how old your DC(s) is/are, but if appropriate, maybe we could tie it in with the library songtime?

meisje Sun 03-Apr-11 21:40:13

Hi Mamathulu,

I have been away so missed your post-I would have been able to make it! Are you free this week or perhaps week after?


Mamathulu Sun 27-Mar-11 22:20:42

Hi, I've been flicking a look over the board for a while, and maybe I'm just being impatient, but just thought I'd kickstart a suggestion for a March meet-up - I missed the February one, so feel like I've been waiting an age!
Anyone up for a Thursday 31st, 11am at the Tennis in the Park cafe? I would make it Wednesday, but my mum plays there on a Weds morning, and I'd rather try and keep this separate. (Not in a nasty way, just... well, would you want your mum around to hear your mnetty info? )

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