Eastbourne February meet-up anyone?

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meisje Mon 17-Jan-11 20:28:41

Hi there,

from previous messages and a conversation with lowrib (whom I met on netmums...) it seems that quite a few mums would like to meet up but it just hasn't happened yet!

So.....let's try again. Who's up for it?

By the way, I am new to Eastbourne, moved here late summer with my partner, baby girl and toddler boy. Still finding my feet but liking it so far.

threefeethighandrising Fri 25-Feb-11 13:38:21

Hi Mamathulu, we'll just have to do it again so you can come! Hopefully the sun will come out for us next time too.

I really enjoyed it, meijse and lainy0168 it was lovely to meet / see you smile.

I did a consumer test while I was there by the way - just for those of you who couldn't make it, you understand wink - and I can faithfully report that their cake is still good grin Think I might need some return visits just to make sure though.

I'm going to pop along to ReallyNotAHippie's sling meet in the same place on Sunday 6th March if I can. DS is too old for slings, but I've been talking to RNAH on PM and she says they'll have me anyway. it's partly an excuse to meet up, have a natter and meet some new people I think and I'm all up for that.

Mamathulu Tue 01-Mar-11 11:25:59

yep - sounds great!

scroggy Fri 11-Mar-11 20:41:42

Hi, I've just joined 2nite! Would love to meet some new faces, i have a 20 month old little girl with alot of energy and we both cant stand being stuck in doors!!

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