Mum to be new to hastings!

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mumtobestacey Thu 02-Sep-10 21:35:43

Hi my names stacey I'm 21 years old and expecting my first baby whos due on the 17th march! I've just moved to hastings and would love to meet other mums, mums to be

CuppaTeaJanice Thu 02-Sep-10 21:50:16

Hi Stacey, there's loads to do in Hastings. The first place to go is 'Bumps for Lunch' who meet once a week in town (not sure of day or venue as it's a while since I was pregnant, but you can find out from Surestart or the Childrens Centres). You can also pick up a monthly programme of events from your local Childrens Centre (there are several around town), which will tell you about all the different baby groups and activities going on.

Welcome to Hastings!!

mumtobestacey Fri 03-Sep-10 09:13:07

Thanks Janice, i will look it up.x

Carlitawantsababy Tue 01-Nov-11 16:59:48

Hi stacey I realise your post was a while ago but hope you might check back. I'm 30, expecting my first baby on the 23rd March and moving to Hastings from London (if all goes smoothly) mid December, really looming forward to it but have no friends there so looking to meet new people! grin

Dawnyg500 Fri 02-Dec-11 12:52:57

Hi Stacey and Carli!
I'm 36 and expecting my first baby on 7 th Jan. It would be great to meet some other expectant mums! I moved down to Hastings from London a while back so don't know too many people here. I will check out the 'Bumps for lunch' groups but if you ever fancy meeting for a coffee let me know!

PaulaJOsborne Wed 28-Dec-11 16:43:43

Hi there ! I'm 45 in Feb and my DD will be 3 in April. We moved from North London to St.Leonards in 2008. As Janice mentioned, check out your local Children Centre for info on Mother/Baby groups. Also, ask your health visitor if she has any info on groups for expectant mums. Not having family near by, I have found them very helpful and have made some good friends. I'm also free to meet up for coffee and a chat sometime.

hayleymonster Thu 05-Jan-12 13:02:06

Hi ladies
I'm Hayley, 33 and my DD is 4/4/11, i have got a baby boy aswell who is currently 10 months. I am in the process of moving to hastings from london also, will finalise move once i finish work in feb. This info is very useful so thanks! Good luck with your due date arriving v soon Dawn! Also looking to meet new mummy friends - tried NCT but there are no courses running so they have moved me to an eastbourne course which is a bit far. Up for a coffee at some point when I come down for good? X

Carlitawantsababy Tue 14-Feb-12 10:07:26

Hi, I am finally moving to Hastings on Friday and will then be 35 weeks pregnant with my first! Would love to meet any mums for coffee as know nobody, PM me if you're up for it but I will endeavour to check back here more frequently too! grin

Gingermummytobe Wed 30-May-12 15:16:19

Hiya I've just moved to Hastings and am 17 weeks pregnant! would love to meet other mums to be smile I know no one as well :D

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