Eastbourne August meet-up

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lowrib Tue 03-Aug-10 00:05:36

OK, I'm going to take the plunge and suggest something! Does anyone fancy meeting up for a picnic one weekend?

How about Gildredge park, near the playground / cafe, on Sat 21st or Sun 22nd August?

All DCs, DPs / assorted family members who fancy a picnic also welcome!

What do you think? Is anyone up for it?

lowrib Fri 29-Oct-10 00:47:08

Hiya Lucyhanco, and I just saw yours! I've started another thread here.

Lucyhanco Wed 22-Sep-10 19:43:05

Hi Lowrib

Have just noticed your thread about meeting up. I would love to and am local to Gildredge Park. I have a DS of nearly 9 months and go quite alot to the tennis cafe there as perfect for kids.

Let me know x

lowrib Tue 31-Aug-10 19:35:06

I think we're probably going to go to The Secret Field Play Project on Friday September 10th. It's not very near us, but it looks good, it's the first one and it's free.

I'll be there with DS (21months) and DP. Both are lovely smile

If anyone else fancies joining us, just let us know.

lowrib Mon 30-Aug-10 11:07:17

Thanks Jaquelinehyde, I'd really appreciate any advice smile - although no hurry - I see from wouldliketoknow, it might not be easy! (Thanks for the warning WLTN) I'll get my pre-college cut done back in London (still working there for another 3 weeks, can't wait to finish!)

wouldliketoknow Sat 28-Aug-10 06:39:31

i am doing an honors in psychology, any weekend in october will be fine as i can foresee
never been able to find decent hairdresser, i always do it at home country in hols blush, too far for dentist

Jaquelinehyde Sat 28-Aug-10 00:18:01

Can't help with Eastbourne I'm afraid low as I'm in Battle. I shall ask my sister in law and brother as they are in Eastbourne.

lowrib Fri 27-Aug-10 23:02:25

Ooh, while there's a few of you here, can anyone recommend a good hairdresser? We've only just moved in, and I really want to treat myself to a haircut before beginning the life of a skint student!

And while I'm on the subject I suppose I'd better reluctantly ask about a dentist too, is there anywhere you'd recommend or avoid?

Jaquelinehyde Fri 27-Aug-10 22:39:00

Excellent TeamEdward I shall keep my eyes peeled...is it a Boden lapel by any chance!

lowrib Fri 27-Aug-10 22:34:13

Jaquelinehynde would another weekend be better for you maybe? What about 23/24?

TeamEdward grin

Jaquelinehyde Fri 27-Aug-10 22:28:46

would you will be fine before you know it you will be about to start year three and wondering why you worried so much!

I am doing a joint honours degree in Education and English literature with Brighton Uni, but my course is taught at the University centre Hastings so I don't need to travel so much.

If this final year goes well, I am hoping to begin my PGCE next year in secondary English, and that will be based at Brighton for lectures.

I shall check what we are doing at the begining of October and let you know, I have 7 birthdays in the first 10 days of October confused so I may well be busy.

TeamEdward Fri 27-Aug-10 22:23:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lowrib Fri 27-Aug-10 22:15:32

Hiya again Jaquelinehyde smile

How about a Saturday or Sunday in October? Maybe the 9th or 10th, what do you think?

I'm starting my first year of a Digital Media degree at Brighton in a few weeks, can't wait smile

wouldliketoknow, wow, uni with a baby, you are truly hardcore!

What subjects are you both doing?

wouldliketoknow Fri 27-Aug-10 18:18:22

hi jaqu, i study in the open university, so i go to class every now and again somewhere around eastbourne, my ds is 16 weeks old... i am in my second year of my degree, clueless as how am i going to do it with a baby? but... going back in october too

Jaquelinehyde Fri 27-Aug-10 16:41:33

Hello again, sorry I vanished before, things have been manic here.

My dcs are 3, 4 and 5 so a park is good for us. However, they will all be back at school and preschool soon so not sure we could make weekdays.

I'm also a mature student grin going back in October to complete the final year of my degree...where are you all going to be studying.

Oooh TeamEdward hello, I shall now spend my time trying to pick you out in the Hastings and Battle crowds grin

wouldliketoknow Wed 25-Aug-10 09:49:56

i don't have cat, if you look me on fb i am alle solla, put a message with the friend request as i do not accept strangers.

lowrib Tue 24-Aug-10 22:15:33

Yay for students! If you CAT me I'll let you know how to find me on FB.

wouldliketoknow Tue 24-Aug-10 15:03:16

i am also a student, i live in newhaven, is close by, i don't know that park, but will found a place, are you on facebook?

lowrib Tue 24-Aug-10 14:00:05

OK then, October it is smile

Although I'm not sure of my timetable for October yet. (Going back to uni as a mature student, can't wait!) Weekends are definitely good and most probably Fridays.

Do you know Eastbourne at all? It's all new to me - we just moved in recently. What to you think to Gildredge Park? I'm open to ideas smile

wouldliketoknow Mon 23-Aug-10 16:28:05

ups, a response......!
yes, a park with a cafe is lovely, ds is 15 weekssmile
will have to be october for me, it would be great if we could something regular

lowrib Mon 23-Aug-10 15:45:01

Hiya wouldliketoknow, it's good to hear form you. smile

I've been trying to arrange a meet-up but it's not proving easy! (See failed attempt above!) I suspect it's because it's a relatively small group of us here, so it's just harder to get people together.

Do you fancy arranging something maybe, and hoping that if we have something fixed, others will come too? In general, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are good for me. DS is 20 months, I thought a park (with a cafe?) would be easy for all ages but I'm open to suggestions.

What do you reckon?

wouldliketoknow Sun 22-Aug-10 21:22:33

hi, i am near eastbourne too, love a meet up.

lowrib Sun 22-Aug-10 21:19:37

Right, no one's replied, me and DS are a bit under the weather, it's been raining all weekend, and DP has offered to take DS in the morning so I can have a rare lie-in.

So all things considered, I'm not going to be there tomorrow morning after all.

I will try again another time though, it would be really nice to meet some other mums and DCs here.

lowrib Tue 17-Aug-10 13:56:07

OK then. I get the feeling low-key is best, and perhaps a weekday is easier?

So, I am going to be at the playground at Gildridge Park on Monday at 11.00am (unless anyone suggests a different time) and I'll be giving DS a picnic lunch in the park at about 12ish.

I'll post something nearer the time so that you can easily identify us and don't have to wander up to strange women saying "Are you lowrib"?!

If anyone wants to join us, it'd be lovely to meet you. Me and DS (20 months) are both very friendly, we'll be nice to you I promise!

lowrib Sun 15-Aug-10 10:39:20

We were in Gildridge Park yesterday, it's lovely. I think it's my favourite park at the moment

If any of you out of towners fancy something to do today, don't forget it's the last day of Airbourne

I say out-of-towners as you can't possibly miss it if you're in Eastbourne! The sky has been full of planes doing the most amazing acrobatics for days. We're pretty high up, and a Red Arrow flew past our window so close you could see the pilot!

DS, who is obsessed with all forms of transport anyway, is in his element smile

lowrib Mon 09-Aug-10 21:04:09

Ooh replies, brilliant. Hi everyone smile
(We've been away this weekend - no mumsnet!)

I'm easy on time - what would suit you?

About the weekend / weekday thing, I was thinking of having a picnic with DPs welcome too which is why I though the weekend would be good. We're new to the area, and basically I thought the more the merrier. What do you think? Would you actually prefer mums only? If so, what about Monday 23rd?

Or, we could stick with the Saturday date, and organise a weekday one in the future.

What do you think?

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