Hastings Versus St Leonards??? Is St Leonards really THAT bad?

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Spearshake Sun 12-Apr-15 15:47:27

Could anyone who lives or has lived in Hastings/St Leonards give the low-down on their area? I have met people who live in both areas and quite a few who give me a 'look' as if to say to avoid St Leonards. To my mind, it doesn't seem particularly dangerous. Just maybe lacking a bit of life...no real shopping street, etc? Would folks from St Leonards tend to go over to Hastings/Old Town for shopping and socialising. Also, how are the primary schools in both places? I'll be applying in-year and I wonder if anyone else has done this, and with what results.

oliphanticus Wed 06-May-15 10:26:43

St Leonards is up and coming so as long as you pick a road you feel happy with when you see it, you will be fine. It has plenty of good areas but some ropey ones, like anywhere else. See other thread re schools! And loads of luck - let me know how you are getting on - I will remember to check!

jeansson Fri 12-Jun-15 15:15:24

st leonards on sea is the most beautifull place on gods earth,the people are nice,and friendly,and i am desperate to get back there...jeansson

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