Can anyone recommend good areas/primary schools in Hastings/St Leonards area?

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Spearshake Wed 01-Apr-15 23:16:37

Hi, we are hoping to move to the Hastings area this summer in time for DS to join the 1st year of primary(ks1). Slightly nervous that there will be a place for him. Has anyone any experience with the schooling system and what to do? I presume the school or local authority want to see tenants agreement or signed contract before they allocate a place. We prefer to have an idea of which school is likely to take us mid-term so we know where we need to be near. If that makes sense? We are in Hastings at the moment doing some mad reconnaissance missions and trying to figure out which areas are ok, which are not, but I could really do with some solid local advice. I'm not big on ofsted reports and prefer word of mouth. However I don't feel massively confident sending my kids to a 'failing' school. It would also be good to hear which areas are safe and nice places for kids to grow up in. We like Alexandra Park, Old Town, St Helens, and haven't made it to St Leonards or West St Leonards. Any help would be much appreciated!! My head is spinning.tbuconfused

Spearshake Fri 03-Apr-15 22:07:05

Hmmm, anyone out there? I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the schools in the West Hill or Blacklands areas in Hastings? We will visit after the easter break but it would be great to hear some inside info. Anyone?

oliphanticus Wed 06-May-15 10:23:17

Hi, I have a friend whose son goes to Blacklands and they are pleased with it. Another who is very pleased to have got into Sacred Heart for September. My dd goes to Claremont nursery and is starting Claremont reception... private, so a more expensive option, but not hugely and we think it's worth every penny - go and have a look!

oliphanticus Wed 06-May-15 10:30:26

Just noticed Claremont have Open days this weekend (8th and 9th May, in the mornings) - are you around? Definitely worth a look.

Rose4 Mon 17-Aug-15 07:11:13

Morning Spearshank and oliphanticus i was just going to post the same message as you about schools in Hastings, hope you don't mind my chipping in here. Just wondered how you are getting on, and what you have found out? We're looking near Alexandra Park and also St Leonards, but would move to Bexhill if the choice was better...
I would think about private if there was no alternative, but normal private rather than posh private ;)

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