Any Hastings MNers?

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PrincessOfThemyscira Fri 01-Mar-13 22:32:46

Just wanted to say Hi! grin

Easter Holidays coming up soon, anyone know of any local events?

MankyBoon Mon 04-Mar-13 13:41:16

Hello Princess, I am a Hastings mnetter with a 2 yo ds. We're going to the NCT Easter Egg hunt on the 23rd of this month. I don't have a link atm but if you're on fb then they have a page on there.

PrincessOfThemyscira Mon 04-Mar-13 14:12:22

That sounds good. Where is it?

And thank you for joining the meet-up page!

MankyBoon Mon 04-Mar-13 16:47:42

It's great to know I'm not alone in Hastings I wonder if we already know each other!

The Easter Egg hunt is in St Helen's Woods here

It's daft but I never thought to check under East Sussex, I thought it was just Brighton and Lewes and that Hastings wasn't included.

PrincessOfThemyscira Mon 04-Mar-13 17:00:21

There are quite a few Hastleons on MN - generally they pop up on "Where should I live on the South Coast?" threads.
Those who were born in Hastings but moved away say it's terrible and they wouldn't go back. Those who have moved in say it's wonderful and they will never leave!

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