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Holi Wed 27-Feb-13 22:34:10

Hi there
I am looking for some advice regarding sixth form education. WE are thinking of leaving London and moving to Lewes. Our Ds is currently in year 5 primary. WE are looking at the Priory school in Lewes and have friends with kids that are very happy there but concerned there is no Sixth form at this school or in fact at most schools in east sussex. I left school at 16 and went to a sixth form college and it was my downfall! I just wanted to party and revelled in the lack of discipline and don't want the same to happen to my kids!
I read good things about BHASVIC but it seems a long way for kids to travel on a daily basis. We are currently living in a flat in a pricey area of north london and have a great school with an outstanding 6th form at the end of our street but cannot afford a house around here so feel quite trapped by the lure of good state school. it would be great to leave London and have some more space. We have chosen lewes as it seems to have a bit of counter culture and a good vibe. Having lived in London all my life and also being an artist I would find it hard to move anywhere too conservative. I have also looked at Horsham but wondered if it has a similar vibe..
Advice please from
1) Anyone has has children in 6th form education in or around Lewes/East Sussex
2) Will we only get into the Priory if we leave london now and put DS in a local primary for a year in order that we have a local address, or could we let him complete year 6 in london then move and try and get a place as a late entry?
3) Is Horsham funky in any way or should we stick to Lewes?
Tempted by Horsham being closer to London where DH works on freelance regular basis.

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