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laurajanesharp Thu 30-Aug-12 13:50:24

Hello all you lovely Lewes Mums - I am looking for all and any advice of the local area!!

We've been living in Brussels for the past 8 years and will soon relocate to East Sussex. We are currently looking at the Lewes area but still very open to suggestions (my husband needs to travel to London - London Bridge, Cannon Street area - each day).

My kids are 7, 4 and 2 and are currently being educated in French. I would love to continue this if there are any bilingual schools in the area. Anyone have any info on this?

I'm excited for the move and, although I grew up in the States, I spent my summers with my dad near Heathfield so have some knowledge of the area.

Any advice about schools, good places for kids, areas that are commutable but still rural, communities that are dynamic and interesting and fun would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time!


FreelanceMama Fri 31-Aug-12 12:17:48

I grew up in Uckfield (few miles up the road) and spent a fair amount of time there having music lessons, going shopping, going to the Bonfire Night, etc. I now live in Brighton and several of my Brighton-based friends have moved to Lewes once their little ones got to toddling age plus. Seems to be one of the places people move to from Brighton once they have a family. But...we won't be moving there when our little one is too big for our 1 bed flat because houses really aren't much different to Brighton. My impression as someone who visits a lot is that if you're a nice middle class (white?) family into arts, crafts, classical/folk music, complementary/alternative medicine and wholesome fun, then you'll fit right in. It's very cute and quirky with an interesting underbelly (the Bonfire societies for example).

Other commutable places include: Shoreham, Uckfield, Chichester, Hassocks, and Brighton/Hove.

ciaobellarina Sun 23-Sep-12 22:11:26

Hello Hello, we live in Lewes and love it - loads to do for kids, great community spirit, clean, safe and beautiful views. The housing is pricey and the parking is a pain but I highly recommend it as a place to raise kids, the state schools are very good and you have a good chance getting a place if you live near by. Good luck in your move, hope you find somewhere you love.

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