A thread for the Ayrshire mums to catch up and generally pass the time of day.

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macdog Tue 11-Aug-09 17:37:26

How is everyone??
DottyPS? Irvinemum? Anyone else??

Anyone going to Pre-5 Playday in Nethermains Hall tomorrow?

2 sessions : 10.30 - 12.30 and 12.30 - 3.30

Soft play, messy play and just a chance to let them cut loose for a while

I'm going to both sessions, it's my local hall.

Kataca Sat 09-Jan-10 21:25:10


Thank you for your message. I would love to have contact with someone who has some knowledge.

I would really appriciate it if you would put us in contact.

many thanks


SimpleAsABC Wed 30-Dec-09 23:39:50


I know a Mum who is very knowledgable re autism, but she doesn't post on here (not to my knowledge). She is away for the holidays but i'd be happy to drop her an email and ask if it was ok to pass her address on to you?

Her son is on the autistic spectrum and they have followed the sonrise programme with great success, i.e. his autism is much less profound than when he was younger.

Would you like me to contact her for you?

Kataca Wed 30-Dec-09 23:15:46

Hi Ayrshire Mums

Iv just moved home to Ayrshire from Cornwall and my 3 year old son has just been diagnosed with ASD. I also have 5 year old twins lol.

Is there any parents out there who could help me with "the begginers guide to ASD"?

Look forward to hearing from you all


ScroogeMacDog Fri 11-Dec-09 16:44:13

<<gives Andrea nice soft cushion>>

Sorry to hear things are still crappy sad

Hoping your hubby makes full recovery

Andrea157 Fri 11-Dec-09 14:34:06

Ouch my bum! Sorry for the lack of contact, things here are frantic, hubby still not too good, was admitted 2 weeks ago for the 4th time in 4 months to X House - have now been told he's to go for a biopsy, just feel sick at the thought of it, he'll have to stay in hospital for a few days etc and get plenty of rest when he gets out!!

Bambina's christening was wonderful, had a fantastic day with all of our family and friends, she was very blessed with many a wonderful gift!!

Roll on next year, it has been one of the best as Bambina was born, but in another sense it's been awful too, with DH being so poorly...just exhausted and feel like crying my eyes out:-(

I think someone is testing my strength!!

Hope everyone is well otherwise??!!

Macdog Thu 03-Dec-09 10:26:58

<<runs in and delivers swift kick up the bum of thread to see if it springs back to life>>

How's everyone's Christmas preparations going???

Macdog Mon 16-Nov-09 18:09:02

Hi Fifi and welcome!
This thread is a bit erratic, but I tend to check it regularly so if you post I'll see it smile

Nice to have you here! it has been so foul today - I hate these days when it never really gets light.

dd (3) was watching 'I can cook' today, saw them making tomato spirals and decided she wanted that for dinner. Cue quick sprint to the shops. Now got one happily fed and messy girl

Love to all the Ayrshire mums smile

fifi1973 Mon 16-Nov-09 14:19:22

Hi everyone, i'm new on here so I thought I would say 'hello' to the Ayrshire mums I live in prestwick with hubby and wee girl of 11 months. Hope everyone is well on this rather miserable day. An excuse to drink lots of tea and eat cake methinks!!

Macdog Sun 15-Nov-09 11:04:18

Hope the christening goes well, Andrea.

I think we're going up to the Museum of Rural life at East Kilbride today - dd's suggestion smile

Took her to Culzean yesterday. Had arranged to meet the Head Forester and she got to help hand feed some of the red deer in the deer park. Don't think she's come back to earth yet grin

Andrea157 Sat 14-Nov-09 21:54:22

Hi folks,

great to see everyone is doing so well!! Have been frantically organising bambina's christening - which is tomorrow (15th Nov), she is now 6 months old today and I literally cannot believe where the time has gone to, it's gone by full throttle!

Must carry on with what's left to be done - hope to catch up with everyone very soon!

Andrea x x

Macdog Fri 13-Nov-09 18:01:59

Got dh off work with "flu" hmm

Have taught dd to call him a malingering tart grin

DollyPS Fri 13-Nov-09 12:54:31

I am here just my usual busy busy

Wills is still in hozzie and we have all come down with a virus. Not good

The run up to Christmas is coming and I cant wait now as I love it. I have one person full Christmas in which is pretty good for me.

Off to see what I have missed on site.

hope everyone is doing good now


Macdog Tue 10-Nov-09 20:08:41

Hi folks

dd got D&V bug sad

hoping it starts and ends with her

Hope everyone else is ok smile

Macdog Tue 03-Nov-09 16:54:20

That's what we're here for Dolly.
Glad to get good news. Sounds as if he's going to be a strong character when he's older.

Glad the family are bonding as well - that's so important

Enjoy the fireworks smile

DollyPS Tue 03-Nov-09 13:53:25

I got it hen. I havent had a mo as I have loads on the now what with the hozzie visits and my OU courses to boot. The timing is crap but I will get through it though.

William is doing great though as is mum and no signs of PND which is great.

I feel at peace now that his op went well and he is coming along in leaps and bounds as well and mummy got to bond with him before she went mad at them.

She was seperated for a week but they are together now. Dad has bonded well too as I thought he wouldnt well he is a man after all LOL!!!!! Both are doing great in that department though.

Need to up load some more pics if I can get the damn camera to flaming work that is arghhh.

He isnt on anything now bar his feeding tube and is on nutraprem the now. He is having 10ml sounds so little eh but its every hour for that which is good.

they tried him with obolo feeds thats the 10 mls inserted fully every hour and he didnt cope well so they just drip feed it the now for him as his tummy needs to get bigger oh and he needs to sook a bottle not sure when that will be though.

Hope everyone is well. Soon be Guy Fawkes night and lots of bangs. We are having our own display on the farm for the kids. Some wind down time for us I think.

Sorry to go on about the baby but it has been a scary time for all.

thanks for "listening"

Macdog Wed 28-Oct-09 20:06:14

Done Dolly, x

DollyPS Wed 28-Oct-09 01:36:11

Mac I have lost your house number hen can you send it again please. thanks

DollyPS Wed 28-Oct-09 01:35:30

I am here folks and W is doing well now and is putting on weight,

Mum and dad are allowed to hold him as well. Also everyone else too as long as it isnt to long as he could get sore.

He has a feeding tube the now and hopefully by next week they'll try him on bottles. M couldnt breastfeed as she wished to as she was put on meds after the birth and the fact she lost a lot of blood and they removed him to another hozzie to boot. So tis bottles for him when strong enough.

He keeps changing bless him. Mummy and daddy and coping really well bless them too.

Will still be keeping and eye on M for PND though and she has a lot of support with her family and extended family.

I am frazzled but ok to and at the mo have a child yapping in my ear as I type. Of to find him his Dr Who stuff again!!!!!!!

Macdog Tue 27-Oct-09 14:51:27

ooh Cowans do gorgeous stuff!
Glad things are going well smile

Andrea157 Tue 27-Oct-09 12:56:27

Hi Macdog & Co - I'm doing not too badly here, thanks for asking Trying to organise bambina's Christening, but MIL trying to take over (wanted me to choose the christening gown that she chose from Debenhams) - not having any of this malarky!! Went out yesterday after a wee visit to the dentist (got a filling replaced and smiled lopsided to bambina- who looked strangely at me Anyway to cut the long story short, picked out a beautiful christening gown from Cowan's in Troon along with a few essential accessories

Hope everyone else is doing well? How are you holding up Dolly? Bambina asleep for the moment so I've got to crack on with the house work (wish I had a magic fairy to help me clean up)!! Take good care y'all and hope to speak with everyone soon!

Macdog Sun 25-Oct-09 19:37:24

Hope everything still going well Dolly??

How's everything with you Andrea??

Any news of the move yet lou??

Determined to keep this thread going grin

Macdog Wed 21-Oct-09 19:17:25

Keep sane Dolly! smile

DollyPS Wed 21-Oct-09 15:38:08

Sad arent we LOL!!!! He is off the ventalator thingy today which is another good sign folks. All smiles here.

Have gutted the house as it was getting very neglected and hadnt had a proper clean in the last fortnight.

I filled 4 bin bags of rubbish and thats a lot. Now catching up with the washing which there is loads off. eekk!!!!

Phone is with me incase lad phones me with any news as he has been updating me all the time. bless him.

Will update when I can. thanks guys

Macdog Wed 21-Oct-09 07:08:38

Never thought I'd be so glad to read about a poo grin

Glad things are going well with them. Will keep everything crossed for more good progress

DollyPS Tue 20-Oct-09 21:36:58

hi all, William is doing great as is his mum too both still in hozzie the now.

He looks as if he is gaining weight and did his first poo today as they where getting concerned and thought they'd have to take him for an x ray to see why.

We all got so excited over a poo but we thought this is it another op for him and he is nearly a week old and another one in his wee short life.

I am shattered with the visiting of them all. I need to wind down now and have a few early nights to recruparate (sp) and be fine and dandy for them both in a few days time.

x-ray on Thursday and then he either gets moved back to mum or mum gets move to him either way they will be together and mam got to see him yesterday for a few hours as we got her a pass to leave. she sat for hours at his bed side so she is bonding with him bless.

will be keeping an eye on her though for PND as this is the time as the baby blues have hit and she has been told she can talk to any of the midwives about anything even if its to rant. Or to talk bollocks if she wants as it all helps.

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