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ellis65 Fri 22-Jun-07 13:34:36

Hi guys, only been on the site since beginning of week, no one seems to talk, come on lets get this thing going!!

yelnats Fri 31-Aug-07 20:56:47

anyone around?

SHEENA1 Sun 11-Nov-07 09:01:11

Hi I am new to mumsnet and maybe not local local but i am in Beith with a 20 month wee girl and a wee boy due in febuary x

YumzieMumzieLaura Wed 26-Dec-07 10:30:33

Hi Sheena Im just outside Johnstone (not quite ayrshire either).. Im a full time working single mum to a wee 7 year old boy.. Would love to chat to you or anyone for that matter!

xxxLoveLifexxx Sat 10-Jan-09 21:53:42

Hi there

New to mumsnet and just thought I would say hi! Have a little boy of five and a little girl of 3. Live in South Ayrshire...would love to meet up with anyone!! Would love to make some new friends! Drop me a line!x

Lindax Sun 11-Jan-09 23:21:59

Hi there,

From Kilmarnock, ds 5. Nice to see some locals on.

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Sun 18-Jan-09 21:12:05


Live in Kilmarnock, Two DS, 5 and 3. Also nice to see local thread used.

TheTwaMacDugs Sun 18-Jan-09 21:20:11

<waves to all the locals>
I'm in North Ayrshire.

Don't often check the Local board blush

uglybug Sat 24-Jan-09 19:30:35

I'm in East Ayrshire (Cumnock). Little boy of 7 months, work and family in South Ayrshire

SimpleAsABC Wed 25-Mar-09 11:38:51

Helllllllllllllllllllo anybody still out there?

DollyPS Thu 06-Aug-09 00:00:35

thought I'd bring this one back where are all the mums that where on this thread then as I am Kilmarnock as well did stay in the South end now East end as we moved as the other landlord we had wanted us out to sell his hoose the git. Oh well we are in another hoose so not too bad.

So where is everyone is it only 3 of you us in the Ayrshire belt.

macdog Thu 06-Aug-09 20:03:29

OMG am here under a different name - was a while ago blush

ayrmummy2010 Tue 18-Jan-11 17:41:22

hi my name is natalie i have a 27month old daughter and a 4week old son and am lookin for a nursery in ayr to put my daughter in for a couple of hours a week just to let her play with other kids n benefit from being with other kids

hosea Mon 24-Jan-11 08:04:40

Moved back to this area 2 years ago have 3 kids all at secondary school. Have been working in primary and secondary schools with children with special needs. Got fed up with the treatment from the local council not given a permanent contract and just given bank work so have gone to uni 18 months into a degree course. Just joined mumsnet disappointed there are no really useful discounts that could save me money on a regular basis. Happy to chat but got to find some change for dinner money.... help

AliShannon Mon 08-Aug-11 23:43:22

hello, im in ayr needing meet ups for my toddler 2 3/4 years old and baby 8mnths old,
i dont drive so kilmarnock meet ups are a bit challenging, anyone a bit closer local,

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