Spanish/English playgroup??

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ARAG Tue 18-Mar-08 09:54:02

I'm very interested in finding/creating a new mums/playgroup for Spanish speakers. Does anyone have any information on one in our area? Are you Spanish speaking and interested in forming a group?

polux Mon 05-May-08 19:23:48

Hi i'm just registering today and I found this add, I am a spanish speakers and I would like to join this group or help to create one I have one baby 4 weeks old and one toodler almost two years old.
so let me know please

ARAG Thu 12-Jun-08 10:32:03

Hi polux, Sorry for the late reply. Want to have a coffee sometime? I can't seem to find your profile on the local mumsnet member listing. Shoot me a note with your details... I am listed there.

Any other hispanohablantes out there wanting to have a chat?

HolidaysQueen Wed 23-Jul-08 11:21:40

Hi, I've just spotted this. I am not a native speaker or even very fluent but I have done GCSE - got an A* :-) - and use Spanish a lot on holiday and would be interested in trying to better my Spanish skills. I have a DS aged 4 months, and we would love him to learn Spanish as he gets older because we enjoy going to Spain so much. Are you still planning to organise the playgroup?

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