Help improve NHS maternity care in North West London!

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LocalEditorEalingHarrowBrent Sat 13-May-17 13:58:47

Mumsnet have been contacted by NHS in North West London regarding maternity care and asked to share this with you:

The NHS in North West London have funding to improve how we provide maternity care. Before we make any changes we're asking new mothers and mums-to-be to share their experiences of maternity care in North West London and to let us know what is important to them.

To enable this we have launched a new website which will run for a year that mums can use to join our online conversation.

Pippa Nightingale clinical lead for the programme said: “We want to be able to provide all women with personalised care throughout their pregnancy and postnatal care, coordinated by a midwife who will be with them throughout their care. In order to do this effectively we need to know what women think about our maternity services and hear your views about how we could improve the care we deliver. We know mums are busy, so this site can be accessed through your phone and will take just a few minutes to have your say.”

The NHS in North West London was awarded national funding following work that has already taken place to improve maternity services across its eight boroughs.

In 2015 improvements were made providing all women with better access to senior doctors, a better environment to give birth in and more time with midwives as their numbers were significantly increased.

These improvements have ensured that North West London is already delivering many of the standards set out in the new National Maternity Review ‘Better Births’, and with the help of national funding we can make sure we have better continuity of care during all stages of pregnancy, birth and support for mother and baby.

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