PANIC!Ealing nursery admissions..when to apply?

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PonderingButterfly Mon 20-Feb-17 00:14:00

I almost lost my %^&*! I was just checking eadmissions and wanted to see if I can enroll my 2 year old who will be three this April 2017 and my borough, Ealing, was not on the drop down list. Am I late? Oh my gosh, what do I do? When do nursery kids start? As much as I love my daughter so much and want to spend every waking/non waking hour making precious memories with her I desperately need to ship her to nursery, this mama has a bucket list of grown up things to do, like make money and use the degree I worked hard on . I'm not in a financial or personal (long story) situation to leave my child or can afford for private pre-school and only on CB no other benefits and I doubt I'm qualified for any benefits, why, I don't know , maybe I should look it up.

Local Ealing Mumnetters, when does the Ealing borough start nursery applications. Keeping in mind, my child will be 3 this April 2017. Its gobbly goo to me right now.

LyndaLaHughes Mon 20-Feb-17 00:34:40

If it is for school nursery then you should have already applied? But you usually apply directly to the schools. I don't know about Ealing but that is certainly the case for Brent. I would ring schools directly and see if they will accept an application now. I know the deadline has passed for my local schools already.

LyndaLaHughes Mon 20-Feb-17 00:37:20

Oh and the free 15/30 hours depending on what you are entitled to kicks in the term after their third birthday.

WHEEC Mon 20-Feb-17 10:22:01

You used to be able to apply anytime as it was done via the school not the borough. This may have changed - ring your local school and ask. There are often afternoon sessions available. 2,3& 4 years old can also go to preschools. As was stated above they will get funding but only the term after they are 3.

A school nursery might take a 3 year from their birthday and they don't charge. Not many school nurseries have made any provision for 30 hours free that some people may be entitled to from September ( you have to be working so it's not for shams). The only one I know that has done is Fielding and that already full for Sep 2017.

WHEEC Mon 20-Feb-17 10:23:25

Sahms. Not shams- that looked rude!

Curioushorse Mon 20-Feb-17 19:51:41

Hmm. Not clear what you're wanting. For private nurseries (many of which will accept the free hours) you just apply whenever. My experience is that you'd be unlikely to find a full time place for April. You might though! No clue about school ones.

Have you looked into childminders? I found Ealing and surrounding to be pretty good for childminders. Cheaper than nursery, and more flexible. Ours accepted the funding.

PonderingButterfly Thu 02-Mar-17 10:01:57

Just to update things, I was being a worry wart.The receptionist almost laughed at me. But the school said they haven't been offering places yet, they usually do it during the summer. But they gave me an application form so i'll just give it early and hopefully they don't put it in a forgotten pile.

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