Ealing women on wheels - Ealing Council invites all women to experience the fun of two wheels! #Ealingwow

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LocalEditorEalingHarrowBrent Wed 01-Jun-16 12:43:50

Summer is the perfect time for cycling and Ealing Council invites all women to experience the fun of two wheels. By following #Ealingwow you will get access to a stream of information to help keep the little ones busy, healthy and most of all something you can all do as a family.

Erika, a mother of two tells her story …Cycling with the family for leisure or as a way to beat the traffic on the school run and stay fit can be a great way to get some family time, see the borough and have some fun. Erika, who works in Ealing, has been cycling for over 20 years and says that can’t imagine getting about any other way but by bike.

This is even true for the trip to hospital to have her first child. Sensing that he was on his way and with no other option available, Erika jumped on her bike and arrived just in time! Her husband followed with her hospital bag at a slightly more leisurely pace, 45 minutes later. Gabriel, now six, has been cycling since he was four and often joins his mum, dad and little brother on weekend bike rides.

Trying to fit keeping healthy in around looking after two children can sometimes seem impossible. But by getting out and about on their bikes Erika and her husband stay fit and healthy and feel they are positive role models to their children.

“The perception around cycling is that it’s unsafe especially for children to be on the roads and this is stopping families from getting out and about on their bikes. However with all the support available including, free cycle training sessions – especially those for families – and guided social rides, it makes it much easier. Give it a try.”

"She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life." Frances E. Willard

If you would like information on family cycling in the borough, go to www.ealing.gov.uk/wow

By following us you will have the opportunity to:

•find out the latest about cycling events for the family
•training opportunities for new cyclists
•offers and discounts for cycle equipment
•cargo bike hire
•ask questions about cycling and have them answered by our cycling experts


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