Any Pitshanger mums out there?

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Glastronaut Sun 08-May-16 13:30:05

Hello! We're finally narrowing down our Ealing house search and mostly looking around Pitshanger. The closest school to the houses we've viewed seems to be North Ealing. Does anyone have any views/personal experience with this school? Also quite nervous moving from a completely different area of London with a 16 month old + bump. Is it generally friendly and easy to meet other mums? Grateful for any info -Thank you!!

MrsAE Thu 26-May-16 12:34:46

Hi there! Did you manage to find a house or not yet?
My daughter's 3 and I've been taking her to the North Ealing Primary Children's Centre for the past two years and she loves it.. The staff are very nice and their sessions are fun and varied.. And they have a nice outside area for when the weather's good..
As for the school itself its reputation has been great for many years .. But the feedback I'm hearing at the moment is that its gotten too big and too popular for its own good, and that they are losing some focus on getting the best out of their students..

Glastronaut Sun 29-May-16 21:59:41

Thank you for replying MrsAE, good to know about the Children's centre. We have made an offer on a lovely house so waiting to hear though not sure what our chances are as houses in the area seem to be popular! Fingers crossed!

Brentham4 Mon 30-May-16 10:42:37

Me! You'll really like it here. It's a real community, very easy to meet people and get involved. People rave about North Ealing school. My children aren't quite there yet, so we've only looked around. My first impression is that it's a big school on a small site, which is not as much the case for the other local state primary, Montpellier. We've still chosen it for nursery, but I'm keeping my options open for the future. Hope that helps.

Glastronaut Mon 30-May-16 13:09:32

Thanks Brentham4 that's really helpful! Just got to focus on getting there now smile

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