Is Northfields ideal to move to?

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JoSha11 Mon 25-Aug-14 14:38:37

We need some advice. We are in the process of moving to Northfields but getting some last minute jitters and need some advice! Basically, my boyfriend and I work in London and live in Hammersmith at the moment. However, we live in a tiny 1 bed and want a house, but can't afford it here. So we have found a lovely house in Northfields and have decided to move there. But now we are getting a bit worried with the change of area. We want to ask you lovely mumsnetters for advice on how Northfields is. Am sure it's great to live in but we are worried that it might be too quite... Is that true or is there plenty to do round there? Also do you find the area is changing in any way, if yes, then how?
Sorry! Am sure a lot of people go through this nervousness when they move to a relatively unknown area, so your advice would be most helpful!

Mariab76 Wed 24-Jun-15 11:22:52

Hello there, are you still looking to move to Northfields? I just found this message which is almost 1 year old so you may already have answered your question. However, I have lived in this area for over 10 years now and I really love it. There are great parks nearby, its full of coffee shops and northfields avenue is improving every day with new little shops being added. Also, its walking distance to Ealing Broadway which has lots of pubs and restaurants, and there are some in the Northfields area too. The Plough for instance is great, especially in the summer. I can't think of a better place to live to be honest. I also have a daughter who goes to an excellent nursery and her future school is good too. Of course you do get the occasional rough person walking around with a can of beer but I believe that can happen anywhere nowadays and you need to watch out. Home burglaries seem to be quite frequent but again that happens everywhere... There are so many benefits of living in this area and out neighbours are really quite good. If you want more info just get in touch!

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