Any mums to be near Ealing Broadway?

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SM18 Mon 26-May-14 08:23:41

Hi everyone!

I am new to Mumsnet and expecting my first baby in September. I am starting to get really worried about loneliness during maternity leave, as all my friends will be at work... So am really keen to make new friends with new mummies to be!

Due to complications of pregnancy, I have not been able to attend any pregnancy exercise classes either, and I'm definitely not going to NCT, so I have a limited way of meeting other new mummies. And on top of that, my antenatal care is not local...

Please let me know if you live around here and would like to meet for a cuppa or two!

Many thanks in advance,

LocalEditorEaling Fri 30-May-14 16:43:41

Hello from your Local Editor

Once your baby comes, there will be plenty to do. Have a look in our "Baby and Toddler Groups" section -

And Children's Centres - they all run similar groups for mums and babies (if not listed above already) and some of them offer great breastfeeding support

There are many various classes

We also have a Meet Ups section


Unfortunately, our threads are not as active as they should be just yet. I have become Editor 3 months ago so there is still a lot of work to do.

Perhaps, you would be interested in becoming a Local Ambassador to get us all going? grin

mibemibe Sun 01-Jun-14 10:06:54

Hi ! I am pregnant with my 3rd baby, who is due in October smile I am a stay-at-home mum and already have 2 children, both are less than 4 years old. I would love to meet other mums and/or mums-to-be ! We live about 20 minutes by foot from Ealing Broadway shopping center, love to go there for a cofffee or ice cream !

SM18 Sun 01-Jun-14 11:39:52

Yay! Two responses!

I wouldn't mind being a local ambassador at all. smile But I am going to work full time until I go on maternity leave in August, so will probably not have that much time to meet with others beforehand.

I wonder what the best way to arrange meet-ups would be? I have had another response by an Ealing Mum on the Antenatal Clubs thread, so I will write to her to invite her to join on here.

Any suggestions about when/where we should first meet?


PosyFossilsShoes Sun 01-Jun-14 14:51:50

Hiya, I posted on the other thread. Ealing Broadway is easy for me too. I'm pregnant with my first and due in November.

I'm self-employed so I can sometimes get out during the week (not always though as I work all over London) but weekends tend to be slightly easier.

Were you both thinking of meeting sooner rather than later, or is this 'in the bank' for when we all have babies? If we're thinking sooner, I'm free Sunday 8th and Monday 9th, or at the beginning of August.

SM18 Sun 01-Jun-14 14:59:49

Sooner rather than later would be great for me!

I can do Monday 9th - shall we say coffee somewhere around Ealing Broadway?

PosyFossilsShoes Sun 01-Jun-14 16:34:46

Works for me smile

SM18 Sun 01-Jun-14 23:43:56

Ok, what time would be good for u? How about 11am in Starbucks? Or the little cafe opposite Starbucks to sit outside if the weather is nice?

PosyFossilsShoes Mon 02-Jun-14 12:01:15

Which one? There are three in Ealing B! Assume you mean the one in the shopping centre behind the North Star? 11am works for me.

mibemibe Tue 03-Jun-14 11:57:10

Hi ! at the moment Monday mornings are a little difficult for me, how about an afternoon? but if you can´t this Monday no problem for me, it could be another day @EB smile

PosyFossilsShoes Tue 03-Jun-14 12:13:06

I can do afternoon too!

SM18 Wed 04-Jun-14 22:42:32

Hi again!

I have a hospital appointment in the afternoon, but should be back by 4pm. Is that OK for you both?

I didn't realise there were 3 Starbucks places here - blimey! Yes, I meant the one in the shopping centre behind the North Star.

S smile

PosyFossilsShoes Thu 05-Jun-14 17:39:23

4pm is fine with me. I have the luxury of not being at work on Monday!

SM18 Thu 05-Jun-14 18:07:37

Great, it's a date then! Mibemibe, will you be able to join us?

PerivaleSquizita Thu 05-Jun-14 22:10:23

Hi all, I am also due September and live near Ealing Broadway. smile

SM18 Thu 05-Jun-14 23:24:59

Hi Pericale! Welcome! Would you be able to join us on Monday?

PerivaleSquizita Fri 06-Jun-14 07:00:47

Unfortunately I work Mon-Fri, but I work in a school so will be able to meet up after mid July. smile

SM18 Fri 06-Jun-14 23:59:16

Hi again, Perivale! I am sure we can arrange to meet one evening or weekend at some point, so you can join us? It's great you are due in the same month as me! Look forward to meeting you too!

Mibemibe, are you still up for meeting on Monday pm?

SM18 Sun 08-Jun-14 08:13:33

Posy, if Mibemibe is not coming, do you think we can go back to meeting in the morning?

PerivaleSquizita Sun 08-Jun-14 09:47:52

That would be great! smile

SM18 Mon 09-Jun-14 05:42:33

Just to confirm for anyone who is interested in joining us - Posy and I are meeting today at 11am at Starbucka at Ealing Broadway shopping centre. Anyone who is free is welcome to join us!

Clarajb Sat 12-Jul-14 21:29:44

Hi ladies, I am also expecting this autumn. Would be really interested in meeting up before and/or after arrival of baby! I am based in Hanwell so Ealing Broadway is easy for me. I work Mon-Fri full-time so if you have any week day or weekend meet ups I would be very interested to meet. Thanks, Clara

Clarajb Sat 12-Jul-14 21:32:54

Also, thanks Local Editor for posting the links to different classes/meet up - that was precisely what I had been looking for!

SM18 Mon 14-Jul-14 14:28:23

Hi Clara!

Posy and I are meeting tomorrow in Ealing Broadway. We are also both still working but have a day off.

When is your due date?

I am free this weekend if you are interested, I don't know how Posy's weekends are but I will ask her tomorrow.


PerivaleSquizita Mon 14-Jul-14 14:58:24

I finish work next week if there are any future meet ups. Just let me know (due September)!

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