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nn09 Wed 14-May-14 21:14:32

We have had such a awful experience with Avenue House in Ealing as prospective parents, has anyone else?

lilyandloulou123 Fri 16-May-14 20:14:41

Can I ask in what way? I have been considering that school for my son.

nn09 Sat 17-May-14 08:53:46

They have been so unprofessional, not prepared, cold feeling towards kids and us, and with extreme lack of communication.
We took the kids for a taster session and we arrived on time and were told we have arrived 15mins early and they would not let us in. They told us that they sent a confirmation, which we never received because no contact details were taken in the 1st place. Was told to come back in 15mins, so we had to wait with our kids outside.
When they finally let us in, who ever opened the door thought we were there for a tour so there was a lot of backwards and forwards. The way that it was handled was so cold. No sign of head/deputy, No introductions, no reassuring the kids. I asked if we could be shown around and they refused. They couldn't find the class in which my little one was going in for so we were following them around trying to locate them with a lot of confusion. My little one was almost in tears and we didn't see them in anyway making him comfortable/reassuring him, as we were literally asked to leave and come back after session.
When I went to collect them, they didn't even let me in and said they would bring the kids out to the door. She opened the door and my kids came out, she told me the deputy head will get in touch and then immediately shut the door. We never got any feedback until a couple of days later after requesting feedback with a number of phone calls and emails.
We have been to other independent taster sessions in area and this one was by far the worst experience for the kids and us. They didn't give us any reassurance as prospective parents.

lilyandloulou123 Sun 18-May-14 21:33:57

I hate to say it but we had a similarly bad experience. My son was meant to start reception there last September. When we had initially looked around we liked the school but at my son's introduction session I had such a bad experience that at the last minute I decided not to send him there. The nursery teacher (my son was taken into the nursery for the session as they were the children he was going to join in September) was so cold and in the five minutes I was there I witnessed her telling off the other children for things as simple as writing their name on the wrong side of the piece of paper that I actually burst into tears at the thought of him going there! Instead we sent him to the local state school and he has had an ok year there but it really isn't a great school so I think he is going to go to Durston House in September.

Having said all this a friend of mine has two children at Avenue House and they are very happy there so it may have been fine, I just had such a gut feeling not to send him there (and I don't often get gut feelings about anything) that I felt I had to listen to it.

Do you have any other options of where to send your kids?

nn09 Mon 19-May-14 09:48:11

We have been to clifton lodge, dunston house, and ashton house in isleworth. We have short listed to clifton or ashton. Any feedback on those two would be appreciated.

lilyandloulou123 Mon 19-May-14 15:00:50

Can I ask why you didn't like Durston House? We haven't looked at Ashton House.

nn09 Mon 19-May-14 18:15:18

They didn't have space for sept 2014 for both my kids.

CarolineRita Sat 10-Sep-16 14:16:14

I am really surprised to hear such negative comments, however there is now a new headteacher, and my experience of Avenue House School has been very positive. My daughter, who was very shy and lacked confidence, is now happy and thriving. The staff are very welcoming and have given me so much feedback. If my daughter is happy, I am happy. She has adored the schools special days organised, especially dressing up for their Shakespeare Day. My daughter can't wait for their Asia Day coming up with Bollywood dancing workshops and learning Japanese. I want my daughter to learn through creative experiences in a positive caring environment and I am delighted to have found Avenue House School.

Anna1stacey Sat 10-Sep-16 21:21:37

I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I am very happy with Avenue House. It is small and community orientated. The teaching staff are lovely and they recently passed their Isi inspection which many prep schools have failed. I really feel Avenue House is a supportive and safe environment for my child to learn.

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