Can anyone recommend a local cranial osteopath?

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Mafiti Sat 02-Mar-13 19:42:06

We'd like to try cranial osteopathy for our 5-week old daughter. She was ventouse delivery and we've had terrible problems with breast feeding - she's almost entirely chewed off my nipples, has very little appetite and is understandably grumpy because she's never full, but she also doesn't really demand feeds! She's a lazy sucker both in the boob and the bottle but LOVES to comfort suck :-S. I've gone to every local support group going, had help from the NCT bf counsellor, rung the helpline... Figure we may as well try CO.

Also, if anyone knows a good lactation consultant - I had a name but I'm not based in the right area for them unfortunately.

Any help very much appreciated as I really don't want to give up breast feeding, but I can't take the pain too much longer.

Helpmeorganise Tue 26-Mar-13 13:54:10

Hi Mafiti - I have used Alexia Lescure who works out of Brackenbury Clinic ( in Hammersmith for both my children and for me on a regular basis - she's absolutely fantastic!

CarineBabyCalm Wed 22-May-13 13:30:52


I heard good things about Ania!
Regarding breastfeeding, you could contact Laura who is a leche league consutlant based in Ealing
or Geraldine (a private consultant) here 0800 242 5808
I read this thread very late so I hope you had some support but those numbers might come in handy for others mothers too!

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