Help with schooling for child with Down syndrome

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wobblebear Sat 22-Dec-12 11:24:36

I think it is down to funding. If your child will need 1:1 help at all times then they have to employ an additonal member of staff. The statement has the funding to do this.
Have you had a look at the SN section of Mumsnet? It is very helpful with the procedures necessary for appling for a SEN.
Also I would suggest that you contact the parent partnership for help - ContinYou at Lido Centre in West Ealing - the no is 020 8280 2222. They were very helpful in telling me the sorts of things I should write in my application.

drssj Fri 21-Dec-12 19:29:39

thanks wobblebear for your reply. I went to five schools and met sencos. they all said they will not be able to support my son unless he comes with a statement. i will be initiating the process the of statementing in New Year. I want to send him to mainstream.but i feel very disappointed by the response. i have been getting the feel that they dont want him in their school. i am worried.

wobblebear Wed 19-Dec-12 12:11:19

Have you been to visit any?
I am in Hanwell, so not sure about the Greenford schools, But what I would do is to make appointements to see the SENCO's in the school and ask what they would do what help would be provided for your DS.
Does he have a statement of educational needs? Are you considering Special schools or mainstream?

Sorry lots of questions, but it may be that someone else will then be able to answer and then you will get more information

Good luck x

drssj Wed 19-Dec-12 11:53:00

my child has Down syndrome and i would like to know what school is good for him in greenford area. need help . i feel quite lost .thanks

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