Little ealing primary - how good is it?

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MrsBlondin Tue 13-Nov-12 15:06:39

Sorry, only just seen this, both my DC have been to LEPS, DS now at Elthorne and DD currently still there in Y6.

No experience of Fielding other than talking to other local parents. Both are good, Fielding is bigger, 4 form entry, but has a much bigger site including playing fields. LEPS has gone up to 3 forms of entry on a very congested site.

By and large I've been happy with LEPS, they are not especially proactive or dynamic in my experience, but it's a happy school with a nice atmosphere and all the children I know that go there are happy to do so.

How old is your DC? If you are applying for a place 'in year' you'll have to go on the waiting list. If you applying for regular admission for 2014 (I think you've missed the deadline for 2013) please bear in mind that being in catchment will NOT guarantee you a place, you need to live very close to do that, despite the increase in size the school is still over subscribed.

Feel free to PM if you have more questions.

BHEmum Tue 23-Oct-12 17:23:41

Is it so difficult? Any idea how close we need to live to get in little Ealing?

londonmackem Tue 23-Oct-12 15:46:29

I wouldn't worry about ofsted grading too much as under the new system schools will find it very difficult to gain outstanding. They are both oversubscribed so I would be very surprised if you got a place at either.

gemmaedet Fri 19-Oct-12 17:31:37

we are moving to south ealing soon, will enroll the little one to litle ealing.
Ofstead shows Good, latest result done this summer is not out yet. Checked Fielding, it is downgraded to Good this year.

Any mum can talk about her own first hand experience in little ealing, both nursery and primary? is it a lot different from Fielding?


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