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fromparistoberlin Fri 01-Mar-13 11:58:34

Hobabyne is the one that all the MC parents want their kids to go to

there are actually other good primaries around, but Hobayne seems to be preferred by MC parents, even though other (more ethnic) schools have better Ofsted ratings

just sayin......

that said I know a teacher there and she is LOVELY

but it annoys me why people favour Hobbayne over the other local ones TBH

HMMcC Sun 18-Nov-12 08:44:48

This is very useful for us too thanks, we are just in the process of buying near St Marks Primary. Does anyone have experience of sending their children there?

wobblebear Fri 16-Nov-12 13:26:28

My son has been all the way through Hobbayne, and my daughter is still there.
It has been a good school for us. DS has Special needs, and they were great with him, making accommodations where necessary and the TA he had was fabulous. He still goes back to see her.
He had great teachers, DD's seemed to click with her slightly less, but she is doing well so no complaints there.
They listen when you need to talk to them and do take on board what you are saying.

Bekatzo Wed 31-Oct-12 20:46:03

Thanks so much too everyone for the comments so far. That's very re-assuring to hear.

Humania Tue 23-Oct-12 16:18:27

My daughter has just started at Oaklands nursery and it is lovely. The school is on a huge upward swing and is becoming very popular indeed. The new headteacher has completely turned the place around and we have been very impressed so far...

londonmackem Tue 23-Oct-12 15:50:11

We moved to get into hobbayne and are applying now. All our neighbours love it. I have a teacher friend whose friend works at oaklands and it is improving but is not great at the moment. The catchment areas are available on the Ealing council website and are quite strict so where you live is a consideration.

MayasPapaya Fri 12-Oct-12 21:50:13

My daughter started in the nursery at Hobbayne in September and seems very happy and what dealings I've had with the school have been great, although it's early days, obviously. We have put her name down for Reception in 2013. The school has a very good reputation in the area aside from the Ofstead.

I have no experience of Oaklands but Christ the Savior in Ealing Broadway has just had an exceptional Ofstead, I understand.

Bekatzo Fri 12-Oct-12 21:44:03

Hi everyone, we're looking to move into Ealing with our 2 and 1/2 yr old DD and hoping for some advice.

Are there any parents who can advise on Oaklands Primary which according to Ofsted has apparently had a pretty turbulent recent past but is apparently making great improvements now.

And are does anyone have kids who go to Hobbayne Primary- which gets good ofsted ratings but I have heard no first hand accounts of what it is like.

Thank you so much.

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