Good cleaner needed for Boston Manor/Northfields area!

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CarineBabyCalm Fri 16-Aug-13 15:04:54

I can recommend my own cleaner, it's a team of 3 lovely ladies. Here the phone 07521079075 and mail

helpinghand33 Tue 06-Aug-13 15:57:26

I live in Acton and I use on a regular basis a company call magichands, they charge £9.50p/h here is their number 020036325143... I hope it helps..

JohnBradley Tue 02-Jul-13 20:19:21

@diverse - what does all that have to do with the original question asked by KateRose

@KateRose, you can get reliable a reliable cleaner in Ealing for about 10 quid/h. Here's the number - 020 3404 0887 - if you want to check them out. You will not be disappointed. They are true professionals.

diverse Sat 09-Feb-13 13:23:52

Hi , Im in the process of choosing schools for my little DD.
We do not fall into a good catchment area within ealing and therefore have been looking at private schools for this september
We have shortlisted to the Avenue House school (co-ed) and the Falcons schools for girls.(girls)
We are concerned about the stability of the falcons school for girls as they lost a lot of pupils due to the anticipated move in 2011, and are now looking to expand as they are making a loss, which might be abit settling. However it seems up to date and creative and one where DD would thrive.
The Avenue house is much more established, but seems a very small building, and a little more like a very good state school.
Does anyone have experiences with these schools or even recommend other schools for my DD

KateRose Fri 22-Jun-12 11:40:23

Please let me know if you have a good cleaner that you'd reccomend .. reliable, trustworthy, careful and thorough, thank you!

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