house church or church fellowship embracing large families

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ladeedaa Sat 16-Jun-12 22:11:22

hi there. i am looking for a home fellowship. or a church where family worship is encouraged and practised. i had been in my old church for a considerable amount of years which had a large sunday school for the kids. but i am currently looking for a fellowship that welcomes families and incorporates them in the fellowship. we used to attend messy church at a local anglican church, which we enjoyed. but i was not in agreement with the religious rituals. so sadly i felt we could no longer attend. i've visited a few churches. but the congregation seem slightly awkard around large families. (we are a family of 8). they cant wait to shant the children off to sunday school. and dont understand why i prefer the children to sit with me in the service. i'm confused by all the different denominations and the rules and regulations for membership of certain churches. quite frankly its put me off going to church. but i miss being with fellow believers. i just want to be in fellowship with like minded believers who want to praise and have a personal relationship with Jesus. i would love to meet there any such place? am i the only one who feels this way???

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