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Fiolondon Fri 23-Sep-11 19:21:59

I've been asked if there is a homebirth support group in Ealing. I've asked the local NCT branch and they suggested asking the hospital. Does anyone here have any recent experience they can share with a friend of mine?
I'd like to be able to give my friend some good news about friendly people to talk to before I have to tell her that the Ealing homebirth service seems to be one of the poorest in London! Please help!

Humania Fri 23-Sep-11 19:24:39

Hello I recently had a wonderful experience of homebirth in Ealing... how can I help?

Fiolondon Fri 23-Sep-11 19:40:49

Basically I am one of the moderators on the HomebirthUK yahoo email list and one of our new members has posted some questions about how booking a homebirth works and whether there is a local support group. I run our local group in Waltham Forest for the NCT and so I contacted the local NCT branch to see if they had something similar that I could send her the details for. But the Ealing NCT don't organise anything in particular. Basically I think she would like to meet other homebirthers in the area so she can find out about the local system and its particular "wrinkles". In our group we just get a few pregnant ladies and a few mums who have planned homebirths (not necessarily birthed at home) together in one of our houses with tea and biscuits and let everyone share stories and questions. When I planned my first, I found it incredibly useful to meet other first time mums who had birthed at home and got tips on what you need to have on hand etc. So I took over running the group when the organiser moved away. I think the Ealing lady might also be interested in meeting local people as she has just moved over to the UK from Switzerland. It will be her second baby. Do you know other women who have homebirthed in your area? Do you know if there is a support group and/or would you be prepared to meet up with this mum for a cuppa? Maybe you could try instant messaging me if you can help?

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