Secondary teachers tutors advice please

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ccgirr Wed 10-Aug-16 18:47:24

Hi guys
I am currently living abroad and am coming back to live in the north east October. Does anyone know if there's much supply work or if tutoring is popular. Will need to start working ASAP and am worried that with cover supervisors I might not find anything in short term.
Please tell me something positive. Feeling a bit scared.

PotteringAlong Wed 10-Aug-16 18:51:52

What subject? Your best bet is to register with a supply agency I think.

I can't comment on how much supply teachers are used- my school is an academy and we've abandoned the rarely cover policy so all cover (as far as posssible) is done by staff in school.

ccgirr Wed 10-Aug-16 19:13:12

Hi pottering
Thanks for answering. English and lit. That's what I was kind of fearing. It seems agencies only want me to sign up when I'm there and ready to go.

PotteringAlong Wed 10-Aug-16 19:15:01

Sign up when you arrive - you never know. Things like maternity contracts are always coming up for supply agencies.

ccgirr Wed 10-Aug-16 19:18:05

Yes I will. Will have to pray for lots of babies 😜 Thanks

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