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Tina1904 Mon 22-Apr-13 10:53:51


My husband and I are moving to Crook around July this year as he is relocating workwise, and because we want to move nearer the sea and the countryside. We have viewed houses and have been to Stanhope, Barnard Castle, Durham, Hamsterley Forest etc etc and love the area, however, aside from some lovely country walks and days out nearby, I am finding it hard to find up to date information on Crook itself, such as things to do for myself and for children (we have three between ages 2-10) within walking distance of Crook itself. Things such as toddler groups, Brownies and so on. I noticed a sign for a Leisure Centre but an internet search has no link, so I wonder if I dreamt seeing it. Also, any recommended pubs with food which allow children in?

Could anyone advise me, a newbie, on the town itself. I'd be grateful for some ideas and local knowledge. My husband likes walking (so he's alright!!) and pub quizzes.

Thanks in advance

gaggiagirl Tue 21-May-13 18:22:40

I think the leisure centre has closed down or at least reduced its services,crook has a sure start centre so they will have loads of info on crook play groups and clubs and so on also crook has a lovely park near heather lane great for the kids. My friend lives there so I'll ask him about pubs and get back to you soon. Hope I can help .

gaggiagirl Tue 21-May-13 18:29:33

I'm going to drip feed you info as it comes in from my crook people...crook has a weatherspoons! They are usually pretty child friendly and well priced.

loopyluna Wed 22-May-13 10:03:02

My mum lives in Crook and I usually spend summer there. No idea about schools or term-time activities but there are a few decent leisure centres nearby. We like the Barnard Castle one but there is also one in Bishop Auckland and lots around Durham. I think if you google Durham county council, you'll find links. They all have plenty summer holiday activities going on.
My daughters also enjoy gymnastics summer school at Deerness gymnastics and they seem to have loads on in term-time -toddler gym etc...
I know there's a toddler group at the Tinsdale Crossing in West Auckland -I've never been but we sometimes take the kids to the soft play there which they love.
A little bit further out in Darlington, there is a toddler group at the Dolphin centre. I'm sure you'll find something nearer but people do tend to commute quite a bit as Crook is pretty small. Maybe Wolsingham have things on?
Hamsterley forest do great den-building activities and forest trails in the summer holidays too which you can find on their website.
My step-dad used to organise a pub quiz in his village pub -I'll check if he still does! Feel free to pm me.

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