Any good cheap activities in and aroud Durham?

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PotteringAlong Thu 23-Feb-12 09:49:03

If you can drive, saltwell park in low fell is great for a tromp around and feed the ducks - it's got a great children's play area too.

misslinnet Sat 18-Feb-12 11:49:27

Also, if you're on Facebook, there's a group called Mums in Durham.

They have a group doc called Weekly Activities for Parents with Babies and Toddlers which lists lots of activities. It doesn't have all groups / activities in county Durham listed, but may be a useful starting point for you.

Mums in Durham is a closed group, so you'll have to ask to join. But the admins seem to pretty active - my request to join was approved within a few hours.

misslinnet Sat 18-Feb-12 00:40:09

Kelloe Sure Start have just started running an outreach stay & play session at Coxhoe leisure centure on Mondays at 13:30, aimed at children 0 - 5.
I went to that one last week with 6 month old DS, and there were a few other little ones there.

They also advertise a stay & play session at Bowburn Methodist Church on Wednesdays at 13:45.

I think most of the sure start groups are free, the Coxhoe one was.

Kelloe Sure Start Events

Feeline Thu 16-Feb-12 16:09:11

Our health visitor is currently covering 3 areas, so the lady we have had is not from our area and didn't have any information.

It doesn't have to be toddler groups, anything to get us out of the house that isn't too expensive would be great!

StealthPolarBear Thu 16-Feb-12 16:05:18

Sorry I see you're specifically looking for toddler groups. Just ignore me. Congratulation on your baby smile can the hv not point you to groups etc?

StealthPolarBear Thu 16-Feb-12 16:03:58

Whitworth hall near spennymoor, wander round and feed the deer.
Hardwick park in sedgefield
Join us on the Meet up thead and come for coffee grin though I haven't been on in ages, hope its still going

Feeline Thu 16-Feb-12 16:00:50

Hi, I am a mum to 2 little boys, 14 months old and 1 month old. Due to finances I have had to quit work and become a stay at home mum, the flip side is my eldest no longer goes to nursery, which he absolutley loved.
I'm trying to find toddler groups or activities that aren't too expensive and would be suitable for me to bring along a 1 month old in and around the Bowburn area to keep him occupied (and me sane)...
Any ideas?

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