New to catterick help!!!

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keldel Thu 02-Feb-12 16:18:19

hi there

I'm new to catterick smile I don't know anybody and would love to meet some friends (actually I just need a damn good night out lol) I have four children a our year old, 2 year twins (one v servere disabilities complex needs) and a one year old. This is the first time I hav taken the plunge to move with my husband. Hello to everybody and I'll look forward to getting to know you

Kelly xx

dailyhayley Mon 05-Mar-12 00:41:53

Hiya Kelly! How are you finding catterick? I moved to the village here in December and have a 6 week old little boy. So I'm new to everything parent-y. I also still haven't met anyone here so should really get out more. Would love a meet up if one could be arranged. There must be more of us somewhere! Is it difficult finding time out being a mum of 4?
Hayley Xx

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