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notveryinventive Tue 31-Jan-12 22:55:36

Thanks for the info Humpty. No DH doesnt drive (he had the choice of lessons or a stereo for his 18th and chose the stereo, though he says he will learn now we're moving to the middle of nowhere because it makes sense) so just me.

Will figure it all out once Im there. Other people must manage. Just wish I was there now as its meant to snow this weekend and Im absolutely pooing myself now cos Im scared we will be targeted again like last year sad Oh well I cant do anything about it ATM.

HumptyDumpty2 Tue 31-Jan-12 20:30:07

sad sorry u has such a bad time at your current house, Eppleby and Richmond areas are full of lovely people smile

No park and ride into Richmond, it's a pretty small town and parking can be shite but there are plenty of estates u can park in and walk down to wherever u work smile

Don't think Darlo has one either but there is lots of parking there, it's bigger smile

Are you moving with someone else who drives? There are bus stops at Scotch Corner which isn't far from Eppleby that have busses to R and D every 20 mins

notveryinventive Tue 31-Jan-12 16:05:49

Ooh another question I just thought of. Is there any kind of park and ride schemes into Darlington or Richmond? I know this is something I can find out once Ive moved, but Im just curious. I know the bus service is very minimal so will be relying on my car, but just thinking will parking be a pain during work (Im experienced in accounts so will be looking for something officey)

notveryinventive Tue 31-Jan-12 16:00:03

Thanks onlyaphase I feel a little better now.

Just wish I could move in now.

Onlyaphase Tue 31-Jan-12 15:57:18

Yes, definitely out of the norm the last two years. Lots of people live in similar villages round here, so you aren't at a disadvantage!

notveryinventive Tue 31-Jan-12 15:35:54

So were the last two years out of the norm then for snow? Im really excited, but really worried too about being snowed in and work. I was made redundant and holding off now till we have moved, but as soon as I move I want to be looking for work ASAP, but obviously I want to be employable.

Onlyaphase Tue 31-Jan-12 14:10:14

I live about 5 miles away from Eppleby, in a similar village. It can take a while to assimilate into the local area but I'm sure you'll be fine. The school is very small, so you'll get to know everyone there really quickly.

When it snows here then you either go out in a 4x4 early in the day, or wait until about 10ish when the roads are a bit clearer and normal cars can manage. The last two winters have been dreadful, and lots of people have got rid of cars and bought some sort of 4x4 instead. DH's car sat on the drive for 6 weeks last year and 7 the year before that, unused.

Having said that, I live in Co Durham and they are better at clearing bigger roads than N Yorks. No snow this year yet, and the last two years have been exceptional for snow.

Mytholmroyd Tue 31-Jan-12 14:02:16

Gosh not surprised you want to move - Well i am sure things will improve. Sorry for hijacking your thread - enjoy your new home!

notveryinventive Tue 31-Jan-12 13:31:41

Sorry just seen that someone else has replied to this thread.

I know its out in the sticks as I have been a couple of times to the new house. As for snow I will cross that bridge when it happens. How do people get to work in those conditions?

Mytholmroyd we are transfering from a horrible council estate on the outskirts of York to a nice Richmondshire council house in Eppleby. So Im afraid I cant help re the market.

Really cant wait to move, just waiting for them to finish decorating now. Just looking forward to getting away from the people round here. We've had snowballs at our house for over 2 hours last year, eggs get thrown at windows and next doors car got paintstripper thrown over it (my theory is because I think the people opposite think that next door complained to the police when their children - from opposite - were pouring water on the road to make Ice and throwing it at my house)

Mytholmroyd Sun 29-Jan-12 23:24:39

Will do!

HumptyDumpty2 Sun 29-Jan-12 06:59:00

Aw thanks smile
If u have chance take a picnic down the river in the summer, when it's warm it's looovely!

Mytholmroyd Sat 28-Jan-12 23:30:46

And very helpful you are too! Still looking - still to sell ours but will be there come the summer even if we have to rent.

HumptyDumpty2 Sat 28-Jan-12 22:08:51

Hello Myth!! grin

Things are fantastic thanks how are you? Did you find a place?

I just can't help myself with Richmondshire advise hahaha grin

Mytholmroyd Sat 28-Jan-12 15:31:00

Hello HumptyDumpty! smile Hows things?

HumptyDumpty2 Fri 27-Jan-12 21:57:10

Hii smile

I know Eppelby, it is a beautiful place!

I know a few people from the village and they are all lovely smile

It is out in the sticks though... And a NIGHTMARE when it's really bad snow (like last year!)

Mytholmroyd Mon 09-Jan-12 22:00:50

Okay - would be interested to hear how you find the property market up there - I have been keeping my eye on houses for sale and few seem to be moving. Just hoping that's not the case where I live!

All very stressful this relocating business!

notveryinventive Mon 09-Jan-12 14:35:56

TBH Im not expecting to get any info as I dont think this topic is very busy.

Although once I move (if it ever goes through - seems to be taking longer than I thought it would) I will let you know

Mytholmroyd Mon 09-Jan-12 11:35:40

Hi notvery - just marking a place as planning to move to Richmond area this summer and Eppleby a possible village with a primary school and interested to see what info you get.

Good luck with move!

notveryinventive Sun 08-Jan-12 16:23:59


Not sure if anyone can help me as its a really small place but does anybody know of Eppleby? What's it like?

I dont know anything about it, but thinking of moving there soon. Im currently in York so not sure of the area at all. I know its about 8 miles out of Darlington and 9 miles out of Richmond. The address is Richmond with a Darlington post code.


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