Germans in County Durham???? PLEASE!!!!

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quicheladynot Wed 14-Dec-11 21:52:45

I am German and live with my family (English) in County Durham. I would really like to meet other Germans in the area.

Indith Mon 19-Dec-11 16:39:01

Just seen this. Where are you? I know a couple of Germans. If you step over to FB and join the "Mums in Durham" group and put a shout out then you will find at least one of the ones I know.

quicheladynot Thu 22-Dec-11 10:21:07

Hi, thank you for your answer. I am in Durham. Sorry, I am new to Mumsnet, what does FB mean?
Thank you

Indith Thu 22-Dec-11 13:52:57

FB is FaceBook. There is a group on there called "Mums in Durham". You have to request to join it.

How old are your Children? My German friend has a toddler and a baby.

StealthPolarBear Thu 22-Dec-11 13:58:55

I'm not German, but hope you can join us (Durham Mumsnetters) for cake some time soon. We eat a lot of it.

Indith Thu 22-Dec-11 15:03:33

My belly is all baby. No cake at all <<whistles>>

But yes, though I do understand wanting to meet people from your own country you are welcome to join us. We are only slightly insane. You'll find us here all year smile

quicheladynot Thu 22-Dec-11 16:37:38

Hi, I am not on Face Book ( can you believe it) and through experience in my job I don't really want to join. My children are teenagers, however I REALLY would like to meet somebody German in the Durham area. I don't mind how old their children are, I still can remember very well how it was when my children were young! So, do I HAVE to join FB to be able to get into contact?

Indith Thu 22-Dec-11 19:45:03

Completely understand. I've sent my friend a message to ask if she minds my putting you in touch with her. Not sure if she is going back to Germany for Christmas though so don't know when I'll get a reply. I'll send you a private message when I do. You have an inbox on here at the top of your screen, when you have a new message the envelope gets a red dot on it. You should also get an e-mail to the address you used to sign up telling you that you have a message.

Indith Thu 22-Dec-11 21:10:25

You have a message smile

CuriousMama Mon 16-Jan-12 23:24:35

Hi I just seen this. My friend is German and has children, 11 15 and 7. She isn't on mumsnet though but lives next to Durham. If you inbox me your email I'll pass it on to her as I'm sure she'll chat to you she's lovely smile

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