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escorchio Fri 28-May-10 10:29:02

Does anyone have any experience of primary school appeals in Angus? We think we need to get our 3 out of the school they are in asap, but our preferred school is full, and the head has told me it will have to go to the council for appeal. I know that other councils have waiting lists, but angus say they don't. We don't have any medical or proximity arguements. Do we use solicitors etc like they do in England? We re new-ish here, and so really don't know the protocol - and of course the council won't tell us the best way!

YouCantTeuchThis Fri 28-May-10 11:10:35

Is there more than one alternative school? Why do you say all three "need" to be out asap? The reasons you have for removing them are germane to how motivated/sympathetic the council/education officer may be to assisting you.

How close are you to the boundary as well? Are there schools in Dundee/Forfar/Perth that you could consider?

YouCantTeuchThis Fri 28-May-10 11:11:50

You'll have this?

YouCantTeuchThis Fri 28-May-10 11:13:21

updated version

YouCantTeuchThis Fri 28-May-10 11:14:56



YouCantTeuchThis Fri 28-May-10 11:17:02

You need to apply, receive official refusal and then appeal within 28days to the Education Department.

You shouldn't need a solicitor, but you should gather evidence of why a move would be in the best interests for your children, AND why them staying where they are would be detrimental.

ABatInBunkFive Fri 28-May-10 11:33:56

Basically what YCTT said.

The council wont tell you the best way to what?

escorchio Fri 28-May-10 12:17:07

Wow, thanks!
The council won't tell us the most effective way to appeal.

I know I may be over thinking it all, but there are two/three main problems we have with the school they are in.
- it is not a church school, but they are insistent on pursuing a CoS agenda at every opportunity. Despite the head tell me that he would "do anything" to cut the numbers of children being withdrawn from assembly, they are regularly referred to as services, with a CoS minister running them, and with religious songs and prayers. The minister goes into classes weekly.

Next year, eldest will be in a class with the biggest fan of the minister as her teacher. She has openly said (in a parent council meeting no less) that she had no interest in making any efforts to include children/families that did not agree with her. The school policy on RME is absolutely fine, with lots of mention of inclusion of all and no faiths etc. The school handbook slightly less so, but what actually seems to be happening is quite different.

Despite proclaiming "an exceptionally positive ethos", I have yet to see even the slightest hint of it. I have seen the principle teacher screaming at a child to stop crying, and honestly do not believe that any teacher, never mind one who keeps telling us how long she has been teaching for should ever lose control like that. My youngest (in P1) (despite being described in this week's report card as able) comes home with work covered in red pen, with underlinings and negative comments all over it. I shudder to think what it must be like for the less able children. A student teacher there was even told recently never to say please to the children, because you should never give them the opportunity to say no!

Girls coat pegs are labelled pink, and boys blue. The little ones come out (or don't, more to the point!) wearing labels on a Friday which declare that they have been "good all week".

The eldest, despite being youngest in her class, is quite bright, and was told by her teacher (who up till then I had had thought quite highly of) that if she was finding the work too easy, she should ask for harder work than the rest of the class. Tell me what 10 year old would do that!

I know that there is "more than one way to skin a cat" or whatever the phrase was, but there just seems to be so much that is fundamentally different to our basic beliefs that I feel the damage being done to them is deeper than just the fact that I don't think they make as much academic progress than we'd like to see.

Report cards out this week told us absolutely nothing, except what the curriculum had (theoretically) covered and that they were all working hard, and were lovely children.

OMG, what a rant. Sorry. blush

We're right in the middle of Angus, and would be reluctant to be shipping them too far, just on a quality of life basis. Though not ruling anything out just yet.

Worried slightly that DH started muttering about Dundee High last night, and that is SO not why we moved here! confused .

escorchio Fri 28-May-10 12:19:56

Oops and thanks for the links to the forms. Yes, I have poured over them, and spoke to the council yesterday too. They said we could add as much supporting evidence as we wanted (not just the one line on the form). The negative was that there is no waiting list. You either get in, or you don't and that is that. sad

ABatInBunkFive Fri 28-May-10 14:31:21

That doesn't sound great, is there no other schools round you? you can visit as many as you like maybe another will have spaces. Are you in dundee or further out?

I would also consider making a formal complaint about the school, but then i should be about my DCs but keep hoping they'll get their act together, theirs talks the talk but falls short pretty much every time, they are learning though, the teachers are fab.

The new report cards are standard in every school and yes are crap, i think they are away to change them again so, we'll see!

escorchio Fri 28-May-10 15:02:38

We're a bit out. It would take 45 mins to the centre in the morning. There is another school in town too, but it would be a car job. Then there must be the whole string of schools heading towards and in to Dundee.

That talk the talk thing, is exactly what it feels like for us......hope you're not at the same school, that would be really embarrassing after my rambling. grin I just don't understand why if they believe what they are doing is right, they don't back that up in the school policy. We've been here since September, and still I find one person will say one thing, and the next something completely different. eg Depute told me, when I queried the lack of any RE other than Christianity, that they (P1) had just finished Noah's Ark, and were about to study Judaism. Now, covering the whole of Judaism before the end of term with a bunch of 5 year old seemed a bit much for me, but the Depute also asked the class teacher to give me a list of what they'd covered in RME this year.

Not only were they to cover Judaism, but within that - and I am not joking - she reckoned they would also be learning about Allah. And all that in the 5 weeks till the end of term! DD came home with a leaflet today, telling us that they were now about start (not finish) Noah, and then they'd be moving on to Mini Beasts till the end of term. Part of me thinks that if the teacher expects to cover Judaism and Allah in the same breath, I'd rather she stuck to mini beasts, but FGS.

Aargh late for pick up!

ABatInBunkFive Fri 28-May-10 16:58:01

Not the same school, i'd have to bribe/kill someone to find out that sort of info, i also have a DD in P1 though. I'm in the land of the smokies!

I'm tempted whenever talk to them to ask if it's possible for them to have a whole conversation without telling a lie, but they'd just lie and say yes. grin

escorchio Sun 30-May-10 13:33:38

Ah, not so far. I spend a lot of my time waiting at the side of the pool there! We're wi' the gowfers.

The lying thing is doing my head in. At home we work on the there is no point in it principle. Either you do something, and you openly stand by it, or you just don't do it. Why on earth can't the schools do the same.

Anyway. Meeting the head at the other school next week, and we'll take it from there. Not ruling out leaving them where they are, if we can get the council involved in resolving some of the issues. Will cross that bridge when we get to it though. Always thought I'd stick with whatever school was closest, thinking that if we needed tutors we cross that bridge and deal with it. Never crossed our mind I'd question the morals or ethics of a secular state school.

escorchio Tue 15-Jun-10 10:18:26

The head at the other school told us she doesn't even have space for the DCs in area, never mind ours. sad She kindly suggested we "try to work things out" with current school.

The head at the current school then ambushed us by bringing in one of the members of staff we have particular concerns about. sad sad sad.

Gutted, and trying to figure out what to do next. Or if we should just get a life.

HELP smile advice please?

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