Birth Choices Support Group in Dundee - Watch this space!

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Klaw Fri 21-Mar-08 11:05:04

I'm very excited!

I'm going to meet a midwife next week who also wants to start up a Birth Choices group in Dundee, like the one in Glasgow so my dream is one step closer.

Hopefully it might start in June. Will keep you informed.

Klaw Tue 25-Mar-08 19:52:38


Yep, a Birth Choices Support Group is definitely in the planning!

Will let you know when the first meeting is smile

dizzydixies Tue 25-Mar-08 20:37:50

looks great Klaw!

Klaw Tue 08-Apr-08 12:01:09

I won't be involved in the running of it as such, but will definitely be going to meetings and supporting it. smile

Klaw Fri 18-Apr-08 10:25:40

Birth Choices Dundee

First meeting: Wed 25th June! Date for your Diary smile

Klaw Thu 26-Jun-08 18:15:54

You can see a news item about the first meeting here.

It was a brilliant night and I think the women all got a lot out of it, pregnant ladies and midwives both smile

Klaw Mon 25-Aug-08 13:23:48

The next meeting is this Wednesday and will be looking at Keeping Birth Normal and Birth Plans.

Klaw Tue 23-Sep-08 22:52:27

This month it's on Wednesday 24th September!!! See website for details grin

Klaw Fri 10-Oct-08 23:43:06

October 29th, and the topic will be VBAC!!!!!

I'll be in my element! grin

Please, everyone come cos the last two meetings were very poorly attended sad

LittleWeePickle Mon 13-Oct-08 16:59:17

I hope to come to the meeting - hope more of us there too! It is excellent smile

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Wed 15-Oct-08 20:57:59

Thanks LWP, it will be good to see you again smile

Did you know that my Birth Choices colleague won the BJM Student Midwife of the Year 2008 award last week? grin

LittleWeePickle Wed 15-Oct-08 23:28:34

Good news re the award - that makes the Birth Choices place a very cool and credible place to be seen at! Nice one! smile

Klaw Tue 25-Nov-08 20:17:52

Next meeting Wednesday 26th November - topic Induction

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