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littlepinkpixie Sat 23-Feb-08 12:10:19

I'm due to go out with a friend in a couple of weeks, and we both have children who are around 3 and around 1. Ideally somewhere where the kids can go off and play, and the grown ups can get a coffee grin
I've been trying to think or somewhere that would be good both for the older kids, and for a couple of only-just-mobile 1 year olds.
Would Junglees be ok for that? Or is there anywhere else suitable?

dizzydixies Tue 12-Feb-08 15:05:22

there is a new one in cupar called bonkers which is reasonably priced and has nice food too - similar to junglee

my dd1 loves the science centre - shame about the cost - only done as a treat

I looked up ice skating - there is a babies on ice thing on thurs afternoons which looks like it might be quite good?

cupar also has a ceramic place with a free soft play centre in it

my dds love going to borders and playing in the kids book area - sorry if you've ever tried to find a book in their after we've been in!!

'the space' does dance classes - I think called busybumblebees or something similar - not sure what they're like as dd goes to a wee dance class in newport

the rep sometimes has some good stuff on/ byre theatre same idea

really can't think now - where DO I take my kids these days lol

dingdong05 Tue 05-Feb-08 16:49:10

Can you tell I've just discovered how to do links ;)

dingdong05 Tue 05-Feb-08 16:48:14

Just to repeat what has been said on the other thread about Junglee Fun
Great for pre schoolers, I reckon it may be a bit small for 7 + (any other thoughts on that?) Food is better than other soft plays I've visited and I don't think there's a deepfat fryer... at least I can't smell one Service can be pretty slow, but it helps if you order straight away and don't expect it for a while

Entry fee can be expensive, but if you think you'll be there at least once a week the membership is a good option.

Klaw Fri 18-Jan-08 22:12:24

The cinemas do kids price movies on Sat mornings.

What about ice skating? Bit expensive probably but there are things on for little kids iirc.

Sensation science centre

brains gone blank now....

littlepinkpixie Fri 18-Jan-08 20:02:56

Following on from the discussion aboout parks I wondered if anyone had any good ideas for things to do with kids inside. When the weather is like it has been recently its a bit miserable taking them out to the park.
We have been to Jungle kids, Wacky Warehouse, and the occasional trip over to Noahs Ark in Perth, and I guess there is Junglee Fun too.
Are there any other good indoorsy place to go?

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