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dingdong05 Thu 22-Nov-07 14:25:34

It's got to be Broughty Ferry park, the one next to the castle. Bouncy floors, a great climbing area- for tiny tots and bigger ones, and a great wet play area.

I think I'm drawn to it because I used to play there when I was little. Mind you the bouncy floor was gravel, and the wet play area was a concrete death trap for children. Honestly, even as a kid I was frightened of it! smile

Klaw Tue 01-Jul-08 21:27:00

We were at Castle Green on the 24th. I was frozen solid and my nose ran like a tap with the cold wind. DD thoroughly enjoyed running through the puddles in the water area but it was still not switched on.

Maybe it will be now that it's the holidays, IF the weather ever improves....

dizzydixies Sat 21-Jun-08 22:42:58

was at castle green this morning and the water still wasn't on

had taken a towel with me and everything grinblush

dizzydixies Fri 16-May-08 21:38:45

not sure pixie we were at cairnie for the first time buying our season passes as expect to spend just about all summer there lol

littlepinkpixie Fri 16-May-08 19:23:50

I went to the Castle green park in Broughty Ferry today. The water bit wasnt turned on though - does anyone know when they start turning on the water?

dizzydixies Thu 10-Apr-08 17:52:23

they're building an all singing all dancing new park at the pond in tayport - will let you know what its like when its done grin

pinkpixie - we're big fans of Craigtoun too - off to the deer park tomorrow so fingers crossed it doesn't rain

littlepinkpixie Wed 09-Apr-08 20:22:29

This thread seems to have been a bit dead for a while, but i thought I would put in a vote for Craigtoun Country Park by St Andrews. I was there today and it was really good - there is a good playground, a railway, a bouncy castle and trampolines. There is a boating lake too (though i didnt venture in there!). Wasnt too expensive either - was £14 for a family ticket, and then all the activities in the park were included in that.
There was a little cafe too, but it wasnt great unfortuantly.

littlepinkpixie Mon 11-Feb-08 20:18:03

I think you might be right PPC, its more than I'd be wanting to pay for them.
Now with your talk of botanic traybakes I'm feeling all hungry. grin

PinkPussyCat Mon 11-Feb-08 13:20:59

Hi pixie, yes I noticed that with the new builds in the west end too, it seems strange. I guess they must be overpriced or something.
<sigh> at the thought of no more yummy homebaking in the botanic cafesad

PinkPussyCat Mon 11-Feb-08 13:17:34

Strawberry tarts you say??shock I'll be there in half an hour!wink!

littlepinkpixie Sun 10-Feb-08 21:11:52

Would be such a shame if the Botanics was sold. The cafe is nice too.
Seems to be a few unsold new builds and plots in the west end area as it is, so hopefully they wont get a price for the botanic gardens that would let them feel justified in selling sad

dizzydixies Sun 10-Feb-08 20:19:41

makes my monthly balancing act robbing peter to pay paul seem a bit minor now!!!

am HOPING it isn't right as its such a lovely asset to the city but having been a dundee uni student in my dim and distant past I wouldn't be surprised if it was true!!

glad you're considering Cairnie - am not related to owners I promise but its seriously worth it if even just for strawberry tarts lol

PinkPussyCat Sun 10-Feb-08 20:01:32

Hi dizzy!

Thanks for that - have written down directions! Will hopefully get there one daygrin (I feel lucky if I make Tesco's some weeks!) I guess it's probably a good summertime trip...

My dh actally works for the uni too but didn't know about the botanics thing. He knew they were totally skint though. He heard on the grapevine that some bright spark in the Finance side counted 3 million quid twice and thought they had 6 millionshock or something along those lines. Wonder whether heads rolled for that one eh?grin

dizzydixies Sun 10-Feb-08 16:43:17

hi pinkpussycat
all I know is what I've heard from friend of mine who works at the uni. Apparently the uni are in more debt than they would care to admit and are having to sell off their assets and the botanical gardens is one prime piece of land for developers. I think its tragic if it goes ahead too, we had a brilliant time having dd1 birthday party there last summer and their Santa set up was lovely too - I personally don't think they do enough to promote it but then again I would complain if it was busier!!!

Cairnie Fruit farm is in Fife so come over the bridge and keep going straight through all the roundabouts (don't head off for St Andrews or Cupar just keep going as if going to kirkcaldy or glenrothes)

you'll eventually (about 10-15minutes) go past last roundabout for Wormit, past Sandford hotel on right hand side and towards Rathillet. turn left at village of Rathillet (tiny place) but if you miss it don't worry as its actually sign posted at the next left hand turn. Sign post is Cairnie Mega Maze - they have a web site.
follow that road and you can't miss it from there. All sounds a bit complicated but its not and it really is only about 20 minutes out of Dundee

I can't tell you how fab it is, we love it there. You can spend all day there without noticing or paying a fortune.

And we went to Bonkers in cupar today. Very nice/clean/big enough play area/pleasant staff and nice food too. Cheaper than Jungilee and plenty of free parking too.

PinkPussyCat Sun 10-Feb-08 13:29:38

That's a real shame about Botanics, dizzy. Do you know any more about it? When you say 'developers' do you mean the house building kind? It would be tragic to build all over that lovely green space.sad Dh will be gutted when I tell him, we have lots of lovely memories from there<sigh>

Can you explain in more detail whereabouts cairnie fruit farm is? <bit thick sorry!>

dizzydixies Thu 07-Feb-08 11:39:18

ladies - there is apparently a new soft play area opened in cupar called bonkers playbarn and cafe

haven't been yet but friend went this morning with her kids to check it out

£1 for under 2s and £3.95 for 2+

looks quite nice and clean on its web page, that'll soon change once I take my girls so get in quick if you fancy it lol

dizzydixies Wed 06-Feb-08 10:21:56

never mind the jam we've booked for dd1's birthday party there this summer - chocolate fountain to dip strawberry's into yummy yummy
'sorry kids - this is for the muummys and daddys only' wink

dingdong05 Tue 05-Feb-08 22:43:09

I love Cairnie fruit farm and go whenever a friend with a car has space for us
Have you tried the scones and cairnie jam? Lush

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 19:55:39

I know what you mean about the expense but am not willing to pay for it when we only really go in the winter time. We pretty much spend all summer at Castle Green/Tentsmuir/Tayport park/Camperdown - all of which are free and fab or if feeling like splashing out we head to Cairnie Fruit farm which is just Brilliant Will def be buying a membership for there for this summer - if you haven't been your should check it out, its just down the A92 about a 10 minute drive past the bridge

dingdong05 Tue 05-Feb-08 16:41:14

That's all true about junglee fun (funnily enough they seem quicker the busier they are!), and it is expensive if you pay per visit, but if you think you could go a lot then membership is a def possibility.

I'm not paid to advertise them! But I do go there a lot (I live on the Hilltown) so its really worthwhile for me.

dizzydixies Sat 02-Feb-08 15:38:22

an indoor winter suggestion just while I'm here is the aquarium in St Andrews. Doesn't have decent pram access due to stairs but is small enough to be done in the length of time for a toddler attention span

Borders in Dundee also do book readings at the weekend and has a starbucks up the stairs

in terms of soft play areas, jungilee in city quay in dundee is the newest and therefore the cleanest but they've put their prices up to £4 per child over 1yrs old AND if you're wanting anything to eat/drink then please order it the minute you're in as the service is SOOOOOOOOOOO slow, nice staff just SLOW!

dizzydixies Sat 02-Feb-08 15:35:32

hi all

can I put in my ten pence worth about Tentsmuir? I know its a bit off the beaten track but it has lovely wide flat wood walks as well as down onto the beach. there is a wee adventure playpark bit/parking and a picnic area - we go all the time in the summer but have been less adventurous in the winter due to cutting winds! If you don't want to pay into car park (I think its a quid) you can always park up at Tayport side and walk in - remember to take picnic/drinks etc as there is nowhere to buy them. my girls love it there as they can run free with the dog or a ball or kite etc and it never seems to be busy even on the sunniest days - actually maybe you all shouldn't go, you won't like it wink

St Andrews also has a beautiful botanical gardens but doesn't have the cafe facility of Dundee's. then again dundee's is apparently being sold off by the uni so that won't be a pulling factor for long sad we had dd's 4th birthday party there in the summer and took them both to see Santa there this Christmas and it was brilliant, will be very sorry to see it go to developers

PinkPussyCat Fri 25-Jan-08 22:48:34

Ds has sussed out the spoon - keeps turning his head awaysad. He was loving it over the past few days too... May go for BLW stylee tomorrow...

dingdong05 Thu 24-Jan-08 14:56:47

Hurrah for sweet potato and other sweet root vegetables!
I've just remembered when J was still on pureed food, the only thing he would eat for months was courgette gratin! Steamed courgette, potatoes all wizzed up with cheese! He was picky as he refused everything else, but you can't complain when its something like that lol

PinkPussyCat Tue 22-Jan-08 11:56:45

Hi again... tried ds on sweet potato mash the past three days and he LOVED it!! I was amazed!
Decided against the porridge as we made some for ourselves and it was still a bit too 'bitty'. Although someone at baby/toddler group yesterday suggested blitzing it in the blender first, might try that. I am well chuffed!grin

littlepinkpixie Sun 20-Jan-08 12:11:29

How goes the weaning PPC?

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