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dingdong05 Thu 22-Nov-07 14:25:34

It's got to be Broughty Ferry park, the one next to the castle. Bouncy floors, a great climbing area- for tiny tots and bigger ones, and a great wet play area.

I think I'm drawn to it because I used to play there when I was little. Mind you the bouncy floor was gravel, and the wet play area was a concrete death trap for children. Honestly, even as a kid I was frightened of it! smile

Klaw Thu 29-Nov-07 23:30:54

Why is it always blowing a freezing gale whenever I take dd to a park?....

Anyway, there's a little park on my doorstep so I'd have to vote for that cos we can go to it any day! DD been using the slide since she was 14months old, one of these ones that's taller than an adult too!

We've taken her to Monifieth park, down by the beach, it's huge and she loved it, but we haven't been there this year yet shock

Have been to Camperdown this year and dd was happy there too. Btw she's 2.5 on Sunday.

dingdong05 Thu 29-Nov-07 23:58:06

Happy birthday to mini Klaw! Your heart must've been in your mouth when she started going on that slide! I know mine was when my ds started on them grin

I've only been to the park in Monifieth once when I got a lift with a friend (along with our 2 kiddies of course ) it was pretty good, and very blustery.

I'm a bit of a fan of Camperdown too, actually, especially for things like hiring bikes in the summer. Have you tried it? It's not expensive and you can get bikes with baby/toddler attachments. We would hire bikes, cycle up to the duck pond then round the park and back again in an hour- fabulous.

My ds has a yen for Baxter park too, or as he calls it the gavillion park But I think that was due to taking part in the Little Kickers in the October hols.

PinkPussyCat Fri 30-Nov-07 15:02:21

Found youblush
DS is coming up for 5 months so we are still just on the lookout for 'pram accessibility' more than anything else. We will need to come + have a stroll round BF park, though. If this mingin rain ever stops!
Which cafes in the Ferry are best if you have a pram? (apologies for sl. subject change!)

PinkPussyCat Fri 30-Nov-07 16:36:15

I know this doesn't really count as Tayside, but Kinnoull Hill is great now (if you're feeling energetic!) as they have got rid of the wonky steps they had in various places, and it is all path. We had the pram up there about three weeks ago, and it was lovely with all the autumnal colours etc.

dingdong05 Mon 03-Dec-07 22:46:19

hey PPC! BF park is fine for prams, and you can usually park pretty near too. I don't think there's a charge, but don't take my word on that! There's also pretty decent toilets there (at least in the summer, not sure about winter) but no baby changing. And it's right next to the beach, which you can get along on the wall. The castle is there too, and thought the grounds are fine, the castle itself is a castle with all the tiny, windy stairs you'd expect. However if your brave enough to carry bub up those stairs there's some interesting displays. There's a place you can park the pram, but it's outside and not secure so you'll have to take your chance as there's no way to get it up the stairs!
Cafes and prams is another story... the closest good cafe is Visoccies (sp?) but is pretty crampd. They can usually fit you in though, I went with a friend and we had 2 prams and it was ok, but not ideal. There's the cafes at the other end of the ferry, near M&S which look more roomy.

Thanks for that! Will give it a go this weekend if weather is ok. And I do love Visocci's, haven't been there in ages.
What about Clatto? That's another place I've never been to... Sorry for so many questions!grin

dingdong05 Tue 18-Dec-07 21:32:03

Bad news, I was at Visoccies at the weekend and they can't let prams into the restaurant area anymore. Something to do with health and safety.

Nooo!!! Oh well, they won't be getting my custom for a long time thensad
What a bummer.

How are you anyway dingdong?smile

dingdong05 Tue 01-Jan-08 22:30:47

Happy new year!
Gosh I hadn't realised how long it had been since I popped in... got carried away with all the chrimbo business, I guess.
IS ANYone else still watching?!

ScottishSusan Wed 02-Jan-08 14:26:12

Sorry ding ding wasn't watching this thread but just popped in to say hello as you are the first person on mumsnet that I have seen quite close to me. I am in Auchtermuchty....I often take kids to parks in Dundee but usually jst Camperdown.


PinkPussyCat Wed 02-Jan-08 20:30:15

I'm still watchinggrin
Hello ScottishSusan!
Happy New Year to one and all!

dingdong05 Thu 03-Jan-08 00:01:41

Hey PPC and ScottishSusan!
In this weather I'm just happy to have Junglee Fun close by

And, so excited, I got a bike with a child seat for my Christmas from my lovely lovely friend so I am now mobile (but not too keen on anything up a hill wink) Think the Botanical Garden is a def possibility. Especially as I don't have a lock yet so can't go in anywhere indoorsgrin

littlepinkpixie Tue 15-Jan-08 20:04:08

I'm a fan of Broughty Ferry park too, especially in the summer when the water is turned on, Camperdown is great too.

I've never been to Junglee Fun - how big is the play area there, what sort of age range would it suit?

PinkPussyCat Thu 17-Jan-08 11:41:45

Hi LPP - Never been to Junglee Fun either (ds only 6 months!) just wanted to say hello reallygrin

littlepinkpixie Fri 18-Jan-08 09:58:44

Hello PPC

There arent many places that a 6 month old really appreciates being taken are there!
Nice age though isnt it. Have you started weaning yet?

PinkPussyCat Fri 18-Jan-08 15:15:57

<groans> We are going to start this weekend. Have got some fine-ground porridge to start with... maybe will put some kind of fruit puree in with it... hell knows! Kind of dreading it TBH.

PinkPussyCat Fri 18-Jan-08 15:17:43

God I sound miserable don't I? I'm not reallygrin!

What age are yours LPP?

littlepinkpixie Fri 18-Jan-08 15:44:41

Mine are 5, 3 and 1, so past the weaning stage now!
Hope that the weekend of weaning goes OK for you! At least with him being 6 months old you probably wont have to spend too long with all the powderered and blended stuff. I think the worst thing about weaning for me was the way that loads of the clothes got ruined. No matter how well i thought i had got the bib on, there would be some luminous orange gloop creeping round onto the clothes, never to be washed out again!
Now I'm sounding miserable grin Have fun! smile

PinkPussyCat Fri 18-Jan-08 17:22:49

No worries LPP! I have procured some full-body bibs for this very eventuality!grin
I feel it will be my clothes bearing the brunt!

littlepinkpixie Fri 18-Jan-08 19:57:39

You will be safe as long as you stick to baby rice. Its when you start introducing carrot, butternut squash etc that you will need to watch out. One of those all over body bio-hazard suits will do the job. grin

PinkPussyCat Fri 18-Jan-08 20:59:13


Klaw Fri 18-Jan-08 22:16:40

Dingdong, you're not keen on anything with a hill....

.....in Dundee? PMSL!!!

I used to cycle with ds from Stobswell to the Ferry which was good, getting back was a bugger challenge! grin

Klaw Fri 18-Jan-08 22:17:40

Pinkpussycat, there's no such thing as too many bibs wink

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