Hello Dundee and surrounding areas!

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Klaw Thu 25-Oct-07 22:34:04

Hello MNetters!

Anyone live local?

Tayside, Angus, Perth & Kinross, North Fife?

dingdong05 Mon 04-Feb-08 14:10:25

"DD1 was 10lb4 and DD2 was 11lb1, neither of them straight forward so who knows lol. Am very jealous of your homebirth plans!"





dizzydixies Mon 04-Feb-08 14:40:19

yes dingdong you're absolutely right, Ouch was one of the words I'd use but hey ho, both happy and healthy - goodness knows what this one is going to come out as - I do NOT want to be in the paper as
'local woman has 14lb baby'!!!

dingdong05 Tue 05-Feb-08 09:56:17

lol dizzydixies, I bet ouch was one of many words you went through wink
They paper could stage the pic with bub in the foreground and you in the background to emphasise size

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 10:35:18

eh no, I couldn't think of anything worse than being in the courier looking like have just been run over by a train lol

dingdong05 Tue 05-Feb-08 13:45:48

<just remembered what I looked like after the birth, which wasn't helped by the fact I swelled up after an allergic reaction to the drugs... man I was huge >

Totally understand where your coming from lol

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 16:00:40

Hello, ladies, sorry, I've not been watching this thread properly...

Hello to Jamtastic, DizzyDixies & ScottishSusan!! grin

Started my Breastfeeding Peer Support training with local hospital this week! [excited emoticon]

And spent some time last week doing post natal work for a family with 6wk old twins!! Have been asked to provide regular Monday cover as other Doulas can cover other days, and so mum can carry on bf, cos she definitely needs extra support to bf twins! They are the most delightful family.... smile

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 16:06:43

ScottishSusan, are you planning to train with Adela Stockton? She is lovely!!

I'll be passing your way'ish a fair bit in the next few weeks as postnatal work is in Largo area.....

Still looking for birth work so if anyone seems interested tell them about me wink

envy about the HB plans, I so want to have a HB if I am fortunate enough to have another child.... certainly don't plan on going to 'that' hospital on my own account.... as labour support for another woman, yes, but not for me sad

ScottishSusan Tue 05-Feb-08 18:38:14

Klaw - don't really know who I would train with. I have just made enquiries with NCT and have not gone any further as I think it best till I get my own birth out of the way first. grin

Any contact details you can give me though would be much appreciated. Do you do any other work? Do you think you would have to do BF support work or Doula work exclusively or would it work with other part time job for example teaching?

I am so happy to be having another HB. The horror stories going on in hospitals just now really scare me!!

xxx take care all xxxxxxxxxxx

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 19:16:14

Well, the only local (Scottish) trainer is Adela but you can see other course providers via Doula UK, although most workshops will be based in England.

You could, perhaps, fit postnatal work and antenatal preparation courses around existing work commitments but to be a Birth Doula you need to be available 24/7 for 2weeks before and 2weeks after EDD.

The NCT bf counsellor course or antenatal teaching course are very intensive and take about 2 years min, afaik, which is why I'm doing the volunteering with the NHS for now. I'll see about NCT or LLL once I've got some experience.

I'm more inclined to think about doing the antenatal teaching as it would give me more consistent, regular earning potential, in conjunction with being a birth doula (which as a VBACer is my most important goal)

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 19:51:00

oh my lord Klaw am going to be picking your brains over next few months as am hoping to have a VBAC and managed to bf dd1 no problems but found dd2 to be a nightmare!!!

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 20:24:08

<<claps hands with glee>> Another VBACer!!!

<<skips around thread in delight>>

Why are you jealous about HB plans? You could plan one too, you know! wink

CAT me if you wish or email me via my website (on profile) if you want to talk offline.

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 20:49:26

Klaw what a fantastic website you have, all very inspiring!

am not sure my house is clean enough for a HB lol!!! Birth this time is certainly going to be thought about a lot, they were trying to find a consultant to speak to me when I was only booking in so no doubt they'll be pushing for another c/s

will be in touch!

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 21:09:53

I spent time with a lady in St Andrews last June while she was trying to get her labour going, we all spent time tidying up the chaos in her living room so that when the midwives came (10 days later, when labour eventually kicked in) it wouldn't be too cluttered. Her home, like mine, is not that dirty, just cluttered with LIFE, so don't worry about your home.....

Unless Kim and Aggie are required! wink

Thanks for compliment on website blush

BTW, you don't HAVE to see a cons, if you would prefer not to, and remember that they don't 'allow' you to do anything or have a real say in your plans at all, they only advise based on their hospital protocols and one must be aware that certain policys are not there to give the individual the best treatment.

Don't worry, if you want support in planning a VBAC there are many of us out there who can offer the benefit of experience.

I get a bit too passionate, sorry blush

<< klaw backs off apologetically >>

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 21:30:15

lol, please don't its nice, although my dh is killing himself laughing at me getting enthusiastic about being able to do this when I'm just short of 15wks!!
quick history to help you understand

dd1 - was induced, they now say because of high bp but thats nonsense, it was only high after a sweep and frankly why is that such a shock. Wasn't allowed past my due date (too naive to question it) because they were concerned re size of baby so taken in, induced and although the quality of care was fantastic was in labour for very long time/gas & air and epidural/ presented face turned and shoulders stuck and ended up in theatre getting high forceps and an episiotomy (excuse my spelling) sad She was 10lb4 and 51.5cm long so at least she was big. wee soul's face was black and blue right down one side, was frightened to touch her ear as it looked like it might fall off was soooo bruised. Was stitched to within an inch of my life too and couldn't sit down properly for about 8wks, never mind going to toilet etc shudder shudder

dd2 - here I was thinking couldn't go as bad and refused induction, went 5 days over and stayed at home till 5am (pathetically proud of myself at time lol) another epidural and long labour strapped to bed although had promised myself wasn't go to do that - am big wuss when offered pain relief. made 10cm but dd2 refusing to come down and threatened to sue all attached to hosp if I even saw high forceps. fantastic surgeon only one step short of miners helmet and flippers trying to get her down but to no avail - she has remained as stubborn to this very day - emcs carried out. she was 11lb1 and 59cm long but by this time I was bruised and battered from trying a labour and ending up with emcs. Am not sure if the cs was contributor to poor feeding but the scar and sitting on sore nether regions certainly didn't help.

am trying to convince myself that cannot be as unlucky this time and if can manage a quicker, more upright labour will try not to have epidural and let gravity do its bit. I need a quicker recovery time than my first two labours as dd1 starts school soon after birth and dd2 will only be just over 2yrs.

sorry to all else on this thread for birthing stories but am not sure what a CAT is!!

Klaw will def be bending your ear re options this time as am determined that this time will be a more pleasant experience for me AND the baby - not a very dignified way to enter the world and having tried both times I wouldn't recommend either lol

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 22:25:34

CAT is way of emailing another MNer without them having to post their email address for all to see! I've checked, you don't accept CATs, so I assume you can't send them either. There is a £5 yearly charge for this.

Anyway, you can use my website contact page if you wish, when you're ready.

Not surprised at the outcomes given where you were labouring sadhmm.... and am positive that with childbirth education, positioning, active labour, etc you can have a very empowering labour and best birth outcome for you, whatever that ultimately ends up being smile

I had a CS first time, episiotemy and forceps second time, and plan to stay at home if I have another (as I keep saying ad nauseum)..............

dizzydixies Wed 06-Feb-08 11:11:37

dizzydixies is now back from setting up the CAT facility - she thinks!!!!

ScottishSusan Wed 06-Feb-08 19:29:48

Evening all!

I'm not worried about the actual birth this time....just keeping fingers crossed that midwife will make it for home birth...don't really want to do it myself wink

Birth history (in case your interested)

DS1 1992 - induced 18 days over...33 hours labour...natural delivery...gas and air...no stitches. 7lb 9oz

DS2 1994 - induced 5 days over...12 hour labour...natural delivery...gas and air...no stitches. 8lb 2oz

DS3 1997 - went into labour at home 7 days early...delivered in hosp 2hours later...no pain relief...no stitches. 7lb 11oz

DD 2002...went into labour 6 days early at home...delivered ib hospital 1 and a half hours later...no pain relief...no stitches. 7lb 2oz

DS4 2005...went into labour at home and delivered at home 1 hour later(only 1 midwife made it - I delivered 20 mins after she came in)...no pain relief...no stitches. 8lb 6oz.

This time ?????? smile

Klaw Wed 06-Feb-08 20:13:58

ScottishSusan, you are living testament that we are actually designed to birth babies and can do so very well.

I'm amazed you survived induction tho! shock

dizzydixies Thu 07-Feb-08 16:59:17

scottishsusan tell me
do you have a stay at home husband or are you an heirness with a staff to do your cooking/cleaning/going to toilet for you or do you just not need ANY sleep?!?

I am in absolute awe of you. I always wanted a huge family but I reassess with every baby we have. Pg with number 3 and don't think would ever convince dh that more would be a good idea. Dh comes from good irish stock where his mum and dad are one of 11 and 13 respectively - how on earth these people managed I have no idea!!

can I ask, although not really any of my business, what on earth do you drive?!?!?

ScottishSusan Fri 08-Feb-08 08:45:00

Hi "dizzydixies"

hee! hee! Staff shock Stay at home husband....grin...my house would be in chaos if he was!!

Things do get a bit mad and I do get stressed...very sometimes but it always seems to work out! The older children have to muck in a bit...tidy their room...do dishes (no dishwasher here)and money is a balancing act but we manage and are happy..the kids never seem to miss out on anything. Oldest went to Norway last year on Youth forum trip and 10 year old going to Ardroy this year....we take thinkgs as they come and try not to panic!!!hmm

It was much harder when I worked full time because I felt I couldn't be a good mum or a good teacher...now although not perfect the balance is better.

I have a Vauxhall Zafira, 7 seat. Great car! It wont be big enough for all of us once this db arrives but the older 2 ds age nealy 16 and ds nearly 14 don't come out with us that often any more.

My friend has 13 children ( not all at home any more...only 9) "AND" she is my child minder too when I work smile....now that's magic!!!

Klaw Fri 08-Feb-08 15:26:07




ScottishSusan Sat 09-Feb-08 07:32:32

what are your thought on amnios? I got blood results yesterday via phone call from hosp. Risks for my age are 1 in 110 my risk came back as 1 in 236 but because it is below the 1 in 250 i am being offered counselling and an amnio on Tuesday...am now in a real panic...never had this with first 5...

dizzydixies Sat 09-Feb-08 10:37:00

morning scottishsusan nothing like throwing you into a panic is there?! One of the girls on my antenatal August board got back 1in95 and she sat and worked all the stats re it - not very high and yours look even better if that helps. Are you too late for a nuchal scan, do they even do them up here?!

is it ninewells or forth park you're with?

I spent all morning and most of afternoon in ninewells yesterday after another bleed, horrible morning when 2 of them couldn't find heartbeat with sonic aid - eventually got sent for scan where they found happy heartbeating baby but another large membrane seperation. I was then told that the blood that has to come out is a lot larger in size than the baby (am 15+4) and not to worry as I am young (31) and can try again, miscarriages are just natures way. I haven't even lost this one yet and felt that was a slightly harsh way of saying hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Got to love the NHS sometimes!

sorry to crash on your questions to Klaw! Hope you manage to relax and enjoy your wkend - can I borrow your 2 oldest for some housework or babysitting?!?!?

ScottishSusan Sat 09-Feb-08 10:59:34

Thanks "dixxydixie" - supposrt very much appreciated. Didn't mean to direct just towards Klaw - I wasn't thinking!

Too late for nuchal scan and not available here anyway! I am Forth Park!!

Sorry to hear of your experience - thinking of you and got everything crossed...sounds like your little one is a fighter ...good luck xx

Klaw Sat 09-Feb-08 19:07:45

Dizzydixies, am keeping fingers crossed that all is well, get plenty rest and pampering. and don't hesitate to contact me off line if you need a rant.

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