Hello Dundee and surrounding areas!

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Klaw Thu 25-Oct-07 22:34:04

Hello MNetters!

Anyone live local?

Tayside, Angus, Perth & Kinross, North Fife?

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 16:40:55

I'm a 40 SAHM with a 14 yr old boy and 2.5 year old girl, dp is self employed and works 24/7 till very late so I know how you feel...

I've done my training to be a Doula so am waiting for some local mums to give me the call!! Have had two ladies in Aberdeen to support so far.

Am desperate to be TTC before it gets very much later but dp is too busy and stressed, hopefully after we get property issues settled...

Moved to near Forfar to get away from the sh1te undesirables in Stobswell, but liked Dundee for not being too big but having enough things to do.

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 16:45:59

Am really keen to set up some sort of Birth Choices group to help women to make informed choices re childbirth.

Particular emphasis might be VBAC and Homebirth as well as Breastfeeding support for those who need it.

Do you think from your own and your friends experiences that this would be something others would like?

I know from my time online on various forums that a lot of women around the country are wary of NHS based services and so are glad of independent groups... But I'm not sure how many women in Tayside might be keen....

Sorry, got all political there....

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 18:35:32

in dundee, you dont really get offered birth choices, it's like theres not enough time and money for home births, i dont even know if there is a breast feeding support group hmm, i asked if i could have a homebirth the second time and because i had a heamorrage the first time i was told no and that was final! Choice is not something you get here.

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 18:55:23


It shouldn't be a case of 'asking for a Homebirth'!!! It is your right! They have a duty of care to explain all the risks to you in your situation and support you in whatever choice you make!

Right, that's it! I definitely need to do something!

Ds was am emCS because of my naievity and their poor care, Dd was a VBAC but with forceps because they relied too heavily on machines and still didn't provide the right care. Plus I didn't know what I know now!

Both my children were born in our local hospital wink Next time, if I am lucky to have a next time, I will be staying at home!

I hope to start training to be a BF Peer Supporter at the hospital in the New Year!!!

The Head of Midwifery for Dundee and Tayside seems to be lovely and very forward thinking so maybe with a bit of patience and time we'll get things improved in Tayside.

Any volunteers to start working to get a group started? We can meet in peoples homes while it's still small!

OMG what have I just said? I'm going to have to follow this through now! winksmile

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 19:30:15

I'll hold you to your word!

After i had my second baby (ds) my community midwife said to mw that if i had another i would be hospital from 38 weeks, over my dead body, i think if i had another baby i would oush fir a homebirth, i dont know anybody in dundee thats had a planned homebirth.

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 19:40:13

grin start ttc! Then you can start planning your hb!

What reason did cmw give for you needing to be in hospital from 38wks?

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 19:45:57

cos i heammorraged after having aimee then just got to the hospital (6 minutes) before nathan was born, they dont want to risk me having a baby out of the hospital

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 20:05:04

"they don't want to risk you having a baby out of the hospital"!!!!!!

Well, a planned HB is definitly safer than an unplanned one and probably safer than a hospital birth!!

How long was Nathan's labour? planning a Hb might be better for a precipitous labour but who knows if another one will be fast too. Third labours are notorious for taking ages to get going, on/off/on/off for days and then sprinting to the finish.

And it's worth doing your research into the Third Stage of labour as one previous haemorrage does not guarantee another. It just means you need to be more in tune with your body and mw need to be vigilant.

How close are you to 'The Hospital'?

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 20:13:59

with nathan my waters broke at midnight, my contractions started at 12.45 i got to the hospital at 1.25 and he was born at 1.31, i had started pushing him out in the car park. We are about a 10 minute in the middle of the night i could take half an hour 45 mins in rush hour

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 21:38:28

What would make YOU feel comfortable? If you want a HB for a possible future child, and there are no other contraindications, then it is your right. I'll back you up! I've got the quidelines etc which can be quoted back at them to ensure that you are taken seriously.


itcameuponamidnightclayre Wed 05-Dec-07 07:48:32

hmmm now to convince dp to have another baby.................

SantaKLAWs Wed 05-Dec-07 11:24:19


LittleWeePickle Thu 10-Jan-08 15:03:32

Where is the NCT coffee morning? I'd love to come along!


Klaw Sun 13-Jan-08 12:53:19

LWP, I go to a coffee morning in Meigle run by the Strathmore Branch.

Here are details of the Dundee branch so you can contact them to make enquiries.

HTH smile

jamtastic Tue 29-Jan-08 17:41:35

Hi, I'm Perth based, work p/t in Dundee. 2dc's, 5 and nearly 3yrs. I'd love to keep in touch with our local group - will bookmark this thread asap!

clayre Tue 29-Jan-08 19:52:54

welcome jamtastic

littlepinkpixie Tue 29-Jan-08 20:12:04

Hello Jamtastic, welcome!

PinkPussyCat Fri 01-Feb-08 13:41:54

Hi + welcome jamtastic! Hope to see more of you around soon..!

ScottishSusan Fri 01-Feb-08 13:47:41

Hi there
Hope it's okay to join your conversationsmile

I am in north east fife near Cupar.

I have 5 children aged 15, 13, 10, 5 and 2 and am pg with number 6 - due July!

I work part time as principal teacher so quite a busy person!

I have enquired about doing my doula training too Klaus. How's it going with you? I had planned home birth last time and it is also planned for this time....absolutely fantastic experiencegrin

I do think that there is a definite need for a local independent advice group particularly when it comes to bf. The rubbish and half truths that are still told to some mums is incredible. Any problems of queries I have had in past have been solved my myself through lots of patience, reading and research - not everyone is as stubborn or determined though and that's why mums give up - sad

Nice to speak to more local people xxx

PinkPussyCat Fri 01-Feb-08 17:03:25

Hi there ScottishSusan + welcome!

I now feel very blush at being so overwhelmed with one baby to look after! And I'm still on maternity leave! How do you do it all? (Staff? wink!)

dingdong05 Fri 01-Feb-08 23:40:27

Ooops, sticky caps lock again
6 kids scottishsusan?!
You take my breath away!
I'm not sure I like having over achieving, accomplished, professional people here making me feel bad... lol
I'm with you PPC, 1 is most definately enough!

Hope everyone is embracing the new year and is sticking to their resolutions... Is anyone sticking to their resolutions? I didn't even make any this year as I didn't think it would be healthy to cover myself in failure before the year even got started

dizzydixies Sat 02-Feb-08 15:28:16

Hi all
am from north east fife and work in dundee if that counts as close enough?!

am slowly picking myself off floor after being overwhelmed by scottishsusan and her part time job & 5+1 kids!! you're an inspiration to us all

I have 2 girls and due in July this year, think I'll stop after that, always wanted 4 but its different in reality somehow!

hope everyone is managing to wrap up warm

littlepinkpixie Sat 02-Feb-08 16:19:25

Hello Scottishsusan and dizzydixies smile
Am also overwhelmed by the thought of managing 6 children. 3 is plenty for me!

ScottishSusan Sun 03-Feb-08 07:52:27

Hi again all!!

Dizzydixie - I am in Auchtermuchty! What date in July are you due? I am the 18th.

Booked for homebirth - my second!!

Great to hear of really local mums xx

dizzydixies Sun 03-Feb-08 10:04:47

Morning Susan

am not due until 30th which is great because dd1 birthday on the 7th July so at least there will be a few weeks before birthdays! also, fingers crossed, baby might be here in time for me to manage dd1's first day at school.

Have only had my booking in appt so far but not sure what they're going to advise me to do. DD1 was 10lb4 and DD2 was 11lb1, neither of them straight forward so who knows lol. Am very jealous of your homebirth plans!


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