Hello Dundee and surrounding areas!

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Klaw Thu 25-Oct-07 22:34:04

Hello MNetters!

Anyone live local?

Tayside, Angus, Perth & Kinross, North Fife?

Perigrine Fri 26-Oct-07 18:21:04

Hiya Klaw

I'm in Perth, whereabouts are you.


mrspitt Fri 26-Oct-07 18:32:16

I'm in East Fife if that counts?

FromGirders Fri 26-Oct-07 18:33:19

Alyth here, but soon (hopefully) to be moving to North Fife.

chainKLAWmassacre Fri 26-Oct-07 23:06:04

Hi FromGirders, we've spoken before, I recall now.... smile

Perigrine, I'm just outside Forfar

blush I volunteered to be the Dundee Tsarina and have done bugger all very little except delete a double entry. << klaw shrinks in embarrassment >>

Have you ladies got any suggestions so we can pad the Local site out a bit? and tell all your local friends to come and say hello!


Perigrine Mon 29-Oct-07 18:16:47

Klaw, I used to live in Kirrie. In fact we has a lovely day out at the Den during the holidays.

I have added a couple of things to the local things to do, but hey - I was sensible enough not to volunteer myself as a Tsarina grin!

clayre Mon 29-Oct-07 18:22:59

i live in dundee smile hello

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Wed 31-Oct-07 11:59:10

Perigrine, it seemed like a good idea at the time..... grin

Hello Clayre!! How are you?

fish45 Sun 11-Nov-07 01:04:44

I'm from dundee, newbie to the site, have two GORGEOUS children ;) (aren't they all lol)
ds 6 & dd 2

work full time and also starting my own business part time so I can STOP WORKING in my current job!!!

any suggestions for what to do over the winter months? dd & ds love to be outdoors but its soooo cold just now and its not even "real" winter yet, any suggestions apart from soft play etc?

Hi too all local mums!

ILiveinhope Thu 15-Nov-07 21:52:21


My kids spent 2 hours in the Fergusson Gallery in Perth today, and had to be dragged away for lunch. (and my kids love food). The staff were great and were very hands on,

They are 5 amd 9, so might be worth a try. Also loads of nice Cafes in Peth for LUnch

PinkPussyCat Mon 19-Nov-07 14:35:34

Hi all, I am also in Dundee. Currently on ML and loving it! DS is 17 weeks. grin

dingdong05 Thu 22-Nov-07 14:20:49

Hey guys!
I'm in Dundee, trying to do the whole work from home thing to avoid childcare nightmares.
Mind you it brings its own style of nightmares shockwink
How about we start a thread with details of our favorite places to go? Is it possible to run a vote?
I'm going to start a thread with my favorite parks, anyone else want to join in?

PinkPussyCat Fri 23-Nov-07 08:52:54

Hi Dingdong! I visited the Botanic garden for the first time last week (have lived here 6.5 years blush!) and it was very good + pram friendly. Maybe you could introduce me to some other good parks round here? Only really know Camperdown/Balgay.

dingdong05 Wed 28-Nov-07 13:16:26

Hi pinkpussycat!
6.5 years is nthing- I grew up here and I don't think I ever went to the botanical garden before I had my J shock
It's a god one though, I've started a thread called favourite parks so do you fancy popping it in there?
Where do you live and do you drive? That'll help me think of any other good parks for you. smile
What brought you to Dundee?

PinkPussyCat Thu 29-Nov-07 13:46:43

Hi there DD! I actually stay in Longforgan, came here for dh's job. Yes I do drive (thank God!) so getting around is no problem. Will nip over to that other thread you mentioned smile...... maybe see you there...!

PinkPussyCat Thu 29-Nov-07 14:44:08

DD, could you do me a link to the favourite parks thread? It's not showing up in the search thingy. Or am I just being thick?blush

Klaw Thu 29-Nov-07 23:25:52

Hello Fish45, Iliveinhope, PinkPussyCat, DingDong05!

Nice to see you all here! grin

Tell your mates, tell your neighbours!

dingdong05 Fri 30-Nov-07 00:03:12

LOL PPC, there's only 2 threads on our local boards grin
This should take you right there though

I've discovered "watch thread" doodahs which are great as I always loose interesting discussions on boards like these blush

clayre Mon 03-Dec-07 20:39:54

i thought i was the only person on here that lived in dundee, hi all

SantaKLAWs Mon 03-Dec-07 20:49:00

Hello again Clayre! Keep posting smile

My usual name is Klaw but I've got my Christmas outfit on just now! wink

clayre Tue 04-Dec-07 09:56:44

hello klaw, i cant think of a xmas name, no good at that!

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 14:26:06

am thinking for you Clayre, can you hear the cogs turning.....

S L O W L Y...? grin

Been wracking my brains for stuff to do, and as usual come up with very little, as I don't do that much, due to being very skint, spending too much time online and being very wary of the cold and rain!

I take dd to Toddler group on a Weds afternoon and Gym Teds on a Tuesday morning, and while I have a working car will try to go to NCT coffee morning.

Apart from that all I do is go to MSLC meetings once a month or so...

Dingdong05, what do you do from home then? [mosey emoticon]

and Fish45, what are your home working plans?

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 15:40:38

another mumsnetter thought for me! such a nice place here.

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 15:52:07

Oh, good, I can stop now, my brain was beginning to hurt.... I'm not that much good either. Fortunately my Xmas name was so easy to come up with!!! I'm gonna win the Xmas name competition, doncha know! wink

So Clayre, tell me more about you please smile

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 16:20:48

not really much yo tell, quite borning really, 25 year old sahm with 2 kids, spend my days going back and forth to the nursery, cooking and cleaning, occasionally i see dp, he works lots and out of town.

What about you?

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