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TeaAndTunnocks Wed 07-Nov-12 20:33:37

Settle in with me this cold and blustery November evening for... what else? Tea and tunnocks.

Although, if you prefer wine then I am happy to join you for a glass or two

How many Dundee based MNetters do we have then? And who would be interested in joining in the MumsnetDundee site, sharing tips and ideas, recommending child friendly cafes and restaurants (and great places to escape the DC for an evening).

The wind is whistling through the local site like a gale down the Hilltown. It would be great to fill it with fun events and perhaps the odd meet-up.

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Pehsandbridies Sun 16-Dec-12 18:32:26

Also suspect that DD has a UTI, that will be fun trying to get a sample, and get a doctors appointment!

DixieDust Sun 16-Dec-12 19:15:34

Yes, we had one of our DDs birthday parties in there once. The lady is quite intense/serious but they kids enjoyed it for what it was AND they keep what they make so that sorted out the party bags grin

can you not get hold of one of the make shift cardboard thingies that 9wells had when pregnant people need to pee? Or if she's old enough to use a potty?

TeaAndTunnocks Sun 16-Dec-12 23:54:07

Am going to hit Lovely Things this week - really just needign something for the men in my life though, and some stocking fillers.

oh, booo to UTI. How old is DD? My DD used to get them a lot but seems to have grown out of them. Hope she is ok

MuirheadMafia Tue 18-Dec-12 22:41:51

Hello again all! I too have been a bit manic and stressed to the max, but I managed to let off some steam at the weekend with a couple of friends and the festive cheer now seems to be taking over from the Christmas hysteria. PLus the end is in sight - just one more (short) working day until I am off for 2 whole weeks - hurrah! smile

The DDs visited Santa today at Ardler complex with their Gran and seemed to have a lovely time - looks good from the few pics which MIL took. Neither of them were too freaked out by the big guy in the beard and they got a tube of sweets/biscuits each for a present (although apparently you can bring your own for him to give I think?!) So potentially a recommendation there if anyone's looking for a grotto to visit.

However I've discovered a visit to Santa can trigger some late additions to the Christmas list - both asked for a Barbie which has so far NOT been mentioned hmm. Although I was considering this anyway, as I managed to bag a second hand Barbie plane from someone at work who was getting rid of it. It's a proper classic Barbie toy, never seen one before. Don't know where the flip I'm going to put it though, it's BIG

Errolite Sun 30-Dec-12 09:14:42

Morning ladies,

how was everyone's xmas? We all got norovirus, so the week beforehand was a little horrid, but we were all recovered by the day itself and the boy enjoyed himself, he's started to get the whole notion of presents smile

Pehsandbridies Wed 02-Jan-13 20:55:59

DD has chickenpox, I now have cabin fever!

Christmas was fine, DD had a ball although found it a bit overwhelming. Next year, I plan to hide in a cottage until everything is over.

Happy New Year everyone.

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