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TeaAndTunnocks Thu 15-Nov-12 17:46:06

Jings. Will ye no look at that.

Frequently Asked Questions

TeaAndTunnocks Thu 15-Nov-12 17:45:22

What is The Friendship Bench talk thread in Meet-ups for?
Use the Friendship Bench for one-to-one meet-ups. This is the to find someone to hang out with in the local area. It's for new mums who would like to chat to a more experienced mum. It's for older women whose own families don't live by them and would like to offer some 'granny' type support. It's for mums and dads who just want to meet someone for a coffee and a chat, or for someone who just wants to find a local running partner. In short, It's for everyone looking for some support or company, and anyone who just wants to make a new friend.

If you do arrange to meet someone, make sure that you organise to meet in a public place to start with. Use Mumsnet's private messaging system rather than giving out emails and phone numbers until you are comfortable.

TeaAndTunnocks Thu 15-Nov-12 17:07:48

All good questions. When I know all the answers, I will let you know.

Do you have the floaty thing, Fifer? You can get back to main site via that. Oh, and they have a Go To Mumsnet.com button in the top right corner.

Not sure tbh. I am slowly finding my way around too.

Fiferclosetodundee Wed 14-Nov-12 22:07:16

How do I get back to the main site?

MuirheadMafia Wed 14-Nov-12 21:11:37

<parks bum on bench>

Looking forward to meeting some other local MNers. What's the deal with this Friendship Bench thingy? How is it different from the talk threads? confused

ClaireinDundee Wed 14-Nov-12 20:43:57

Hello! This new local thing is confusing!

TeaAndTunnocks Wed 14-Nov-12 20:30:42



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