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MaryLou1 Thu 31-Mar-11 20:44:41

Hi I'm starting work in St Andrews in a couple of months time. I'm new to the area and am trying to sort out a nursery for my 16 month old daughter. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm going to see both Busy Bees branches in Newport on Tay and Cupar. Does anyone know anything about them. Any nursery or house rental information/advice would be greatly appreciated.

sueandstephenhatcher Tue 19-Apr-11 12:02:01


I am seeking decedents of a Miss M. A. Campbell, who lived at Fernlea, Cupar Road, Newport on Tay around 1915.

Miss Mary Campbell & I have a common ancestor in William Campbell who was married to Margaret Campbell. William Campbell was the son of William Campbell & Ann Douglas, I am told that Margaret Campbell was a granddaughter of Sir James Sinclair of Dunbeath.

I provide the following family details we have to date below.

William & Margaret Campbell had 11 children they are,

Janet Campbell b. 1750 Latheron, d. 1837
William Campbell b. 1752 Dornoch, d. 1753
Anne Campbell b. 1754 Cromarty, d, 1850
James Campbell b. 1756 Cromarty, d. 1758
John Campbell b. 1758 Cromarty, d. ?
Elizabeth Campbell b. 1760 Nairn, d. 1839
Alexander Campbell b.1762 Nairn, d. 1813
James Campbell b. 1764 Nairn, d. 1775
Margaret Campbell b. 1766 Nairn, d. 1777
Murdock Campbell b. 1768 Forres, d. 1800
William Douglas Campbell b. 1770 Forres, d. 1827, of Harrington Park NSW

Alexander Campbell married Elizabeth Dick in 1792 at Banff and they had the following children,

Elizabeth Campbell b. 1793 St Nicholas, Aberdeen
James Sinclair Campbell b. 1796 St Nicholas
William Douglas Campbell b. 1796 St Nicholas
Murdock Campbell b. 1798 St Nicholas
Alexander Campbell b. ?
Jessie Campbell b. ?
Robert MacKay Campbell b. 1806 Callender Close Edinburgh

William Douglas Campbell married Alexa Rennie in 1821 at Forfar, Angus and they had the following children,

Ann Campbell b.1824
Elisabeth Campbell b. 1825 Dunfermline, Fife
William Campbell b 1826
James Rennie Campbell b. 1828 Scoonie
Janet Campbell b, 1829 Scoonie
Renny Campbell b. 1831 Scoonie
Ann Campbell b.1832 Scoonie
Robert Campbell b 1835 Dysart
Robert Murdock Campbell b 1838 Dysart

Elisabeth Campbell married Alexander Anderson in 1844 at Dunfermline, they left Scotland for Australia in 1852 and had 13 children.

I am Elisabeth Campbell & Alexander Anderson’s great-great-grandchild.

It would be to their advantage if anyone related to the above family members could make contact with us please.

Kind regards,
Sue & Stephen Hatcher
Melbourne Australia

GibberingGinger Thu 21-Apr-11 15:49:52

Hi MaryLou

My daughter went to Busybee Elmwood (in Cupar) until recently and really liked it. The good points were the size of the nursery was really small, for instance only 6 children in the 0-24 month room and hence there wasn't many members of staff for my her to learn. The staff were also lovely and reall made the place special for her. However towards the end of her time there a lot of the staff left and I wasn't so keen on the replacements. The downsides of Elmwood were that the rooms weren't purpose built and were a bit shabby.

Busybees Tannage (also Cupar) is also supposedly good. A bit bigger than Elmwood (12 i nthe 0-24 month room) but better equiped, and more purpose built. I don't really know much about it.

My godchildren go to Busybee newport. I think it's fine. Don't know too much about it to be honest.

The other ones to try are Wonderyears in St Andrews which I've heard lots of good things about. Or Rainbow also in St Andrews, but I know nothing about it either.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions

MaryLou1 Sat 23-Apr-11 11:21:08

Thanks GibberingGinger. I viewed all the nurseries you've mentioned. Busy Bees Tannage was defintely the best in terms of friendlyness, staff and child interaction, decor and organisation of the children's day. The St Andrews nurseries were about £100 more per month than anywhere else! I found it really strange though that none of them provide cooked lunches but that seems to be the norm for the area. Thanks again.

r0zebud Sun 01-May-11 21:31:43

Acorn on the outskirts of St Andrews provides lunch, my 13 month goes there and loves it. The kids are outside whenever possible, and the staff are superb, really couldn't fault them! They also provide warm proper lunches - like mince and tatties - which is fab as there's less pressure to get food ready and things.

DixieDust Wed 21-Nov-12 13:03:25

Mine go to BB in Newport - LOVE it!

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