Anyone in the Sturminster area

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Becci19 Mon 23-Nov-09 13:59:25

Hi. I've recently moved onto the area and had my first daughter. I wondered if anyone is in the Sturminster Newton area as I don't know many people down this way and would love to get some kind of social life together!


Twinkleandpearls Mon 28-Dec-09 17:09:43

I am quite near you and also teach, what age range do you teach?

flipandfill Mon 12-Apr-10 18:07:07

live in sturminster newton, am pregnant (due in august) would be happy to meet if you still don't know many people

tinselthechaffinch Mon 20-Dec-10 14:04:15

Hi I realize this is an old thread but I also live in Stur and have a nearly 2 year old dd, would also be happy to meet up.

flipandfill Mon 03-Oct-11 18:11:06

Hmm, not much luck here- there is a facebook group- search mums from sturminster newton and request to join0- you can always post something there

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