Anyone from Wimborne?

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wcg75 Sun 03-May-15 17:22:50

Evening. Plans are afoot for a move to Dorset. We are looking at Wimborne but we currently live in Bristol and I am concerned that we might find it a bit difficult as it seems quieter and not being on a train line might be an issue. Can anyone give me an honest pros and cons of the town? I have two children 8 and 4. Thanks

Baby13 Sat 09-May-15 20:08:00

Hey I moved to Blandford (about 20 mins NW of Wimborne) from SW London about 18 months ago with a 9 month old. We originally wanted to move to Wimborne but the houses are so much more expensive there; it seems like quite a few ex-Londoners live there!
I really like it, it's not far from Poole and Bournemouth, so handy if you miss the hustle and bustle of Bristol, but close enough to North Dorset so you can get in to the countryside quickly. Hope that helps! Also has good links to M3 and M27. Hope that helps!

wcg75 Thu 14-May-15 13:01:13

Thanks - we are going to pop down and spend a couple of days down there soon. Property prices are a bit crazy. Need to look at schools as well. So much to think about.

new2dorset Sun 24-May-15 18:04:49

Hey, don't worry! Although l was before we moved to Dorset 5 weeks ago with our 4 year old daughter. We got her in preschool and the Primary we needed her to get into for Sept. I work in Wimbourne. It's beautiful! A great area for your family! I've noticed good nursery primary and other schools, good shops, supermarkets and lots of places to socialise and eat out. Stay in touch, we could lunch! We ended up moving to Sturminster cos we wanted a more rural home life.
Good luck!

wcg75 Mon 01-Jun-15 12:14:36

Hi thanks for the feedback. We are popping down again in a couple of weeks to chat to some schools. Glad to hear that your move went well.

DorsetWarbler Sat 06-Jun-15 21:35:03

Hi, I'm a Bristolian living in Wimborne (well right next to it) . Been here for over 12 years now. We're very happy here and it suits us but we didn't move down directly from Bristol but from a village in Somerset so not so much of culture shock.

It is a mix of those who have always lived here and those that have moved in, fair few Londoners. It is a pain gettung back up to Bristol and I rarely do. I'm going to have to more in the future as my Dad still up in Bristol and getting older. He always visits us as loves it here but that will change when he can no longer drive and I'm not looking forward to regular trips up if I'm honest.

Schools are different here and operate on the 3 tier system , apart from the Catholic primary school. Some children go off to the Poole Grammars but much fewer now as the Upper School is improving with the New Head. There has been a lot of chopping and changing with Heads in the last few years and a fair few of the local schools have just formed an Academy trust. I'm keeping a close eye on things as need to decide where DS going to Upper school in a couple of year's time. I'd like him to go to Lytchett but won't get in. Ringwood School the one to get into for now or Twynham but you have to live near them and no chance from Wimborne,

My DD is doing GCSE's, not at QE the Wimborne school but I know a lot of parents there. Listening to what has been going on I suspect they will produce a decent set of results this year.

My DC's are much more sheltered than I was growing up and the old Head at Upper school said the grow up in a bubble. I have discovered there is a fair bit of underlying racism around sadly. But I have some lovely friends who helped us through a very bad time. A few Bristolians lurking, my Neighbour's Dad was at the same school as mine.

wcg75 Tue 09-Jun-15 20:44:45

Hi Dorset warbler thanks so much for taking the time to reply with such good advice. I grew up in Devon so I understand about the "bubble" thing! We are visiting for the weekend to look at areas like Broadstone as well so all advice helpful. On another matter, does your nickname mean you sing? I am in a choir here and would love to carry on. New2dorset - will definitely keep in touch, lunch sounds good

DorsetWarbler Tue 09-Jun-15 20:51:59

I don't ( well only when people can't hear but there are various choirs around so plenty of chances to carry on.

Broadstone Middle currently has a poor Ofsted. However any school who didn't announce plans to become an Academy (apart from 1) seems to have met with this fate so probably important to actually look at it. It feeds into Corfe Hills which was good but under Newish. Head am hearing negative things.

Look at Merley. Houses might not be to your taste but the children at first school go either to Allenborne (failed to get DS into it, Head leaving though) or Broadstone. Which in turn hedges your bets for Corfe Hills or QE. And I think it migh be in Poole so would need lower mark if going Grammar route.

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