Moving to Sherborne - Help

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ClazzaW Thu 18-Dec-14 15:33:44

Hi we are moving to Sherborne in January and although I grew up there I have been away for a few years and not lived there with a little one.
We are renting initially and might end up in the villages so I would really welcome any advice about which ones are good for families and what's on in the local area. We don't know people and I am desperate to meet people so that my daughter (22 months) can make friends.

CharlesRyder Wed 24-Dec-14 08:17:53

We moved here in July and love it! DS is 4 and it has been so great for him. We are in Yetminster and it works well because it is an easy run to either Sherborne or Yeovil and it is handy being near the A37 for popping down to the coast.

There is a good nursery in the village and a primary school with a strong 'community' feel. The local Spar is well stocked and open good hours and there is a coffee shop and hairdresser. There is also a playground but it's a bit meagre!

TBH we will be moving into Sherborne itself when we get the opportunity to do so as there is a bit more going on.

The mums with young children here (I've met quite a few through DHs work) seem to rate the toddler group at Leweston school. I think it is on Tuesday mornings.

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