Soutbourne, Christchurch or ....erhm New Milton

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BazookaJane Fri 07-Nov-14 21:39:34


Looks like we'll be relocating to the above areas...and wondered about the overall consensus - we have three boys, 11yrs, 10yrs & 8yrs & looking for a place that our lads would have plenty to do (the reason we added New Milton to the list is that the houses are cheaper - is this for a reason, that - not being from the area - we've not sussed....e.g. does it suck?)


LocalEditorDorset Sat 08-Nov-14 12:13:41


Southbourne and Christchurch are quite sought after areas and this bumps up the price. Secondary schools are good with Twynham and Highcliffe being over populated. I think you will find that the schools determine attraction to an area for families. New Milton like all areas has better parts than others. We are in Mudeford, the local boys in most local areas make use of the local community centres a lot. Swimming, sports and open spaces usually entertain them, Christchurch and New Milton have bike parks that are popular. Also being near the beach there is plenty to do there, crabbing, watersports.

Hopefully someone can give you more specific advice on New Milton, but i wouldn't rule it out as it has some lovely areas near the sea, a good community centre and a small shopping high street. Take a look at the school Ofsted reports, Arnewood is the local Secondary school.

BazookaJane Sun 09-Nov-14 16:44:51

Thank where do parents send their kids to school if they live in Southbourne? (it seems that you get a lot more house for your money vs. the light that Southbourne is closer to the beach, it points to folks paying a very high premium for Twynham).

Or is it that families only move to Southbourne once their kids are 'in' Twynham?!

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